Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Time Come to Shanghai




This is my first time come to Shanghai, and found that I am not able to access a lot of websites from China (example like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, etc), including my Google blog, but Hong Kong no problem (I am in Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel now, price is HKD 900 per night and the room is big). I try use some free public proxy in China, but still have the same issue, and think back that I better don't use those free proxy, as it will capture my detail without notify me. Be Safe in Internet!

When I reached Shanghai Pudong Airport around 5pm on Wednesday 28/Oct/2009, the Shanghai weather here is not too cold and not so hot. Great! As I know in Shanghai always traffic jam, then I quickly went to take a taxi to my Renaissance Hotel. It took 2.5 hours to reach Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel (A great Hotel), and paid for CNY 197 (taxi). I did asked from my friends and know that usually take around an hour plus from airport to hotel and around CNY 150 ~ 190, but if traffic jam then it will be same as my case or more. All the way from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Renaissance Hotel, I told you the people in Shanghai drive like crazy, and really scare me. Next time better take Maglev (very fast train and only take around 6 ~ 7 minutes reach 龙阳路 Longyang Road from Shanghai Pudong Airport, then we can take LRT line 2 to other places, and is just opposite the building).

Shanghai is a big city, and a lot of giant and beautiful buildings, and a lot of cars too. One important point is the Shanghai transportation is well developed and convenient, just like Singapore. You can get a taxi easily, take LRT to many places, and the bus here is quite clean too. Only the people here still have a lot of space to grow and learn. The people in Singapore or Japan are more polite even they live in those big cities compare Shanghai. I really hope the people here can improve on their attitude and behavior as much as they can in order to compete with other countries and cities. The city image is not only from environment only, a good place to work or live is related to the culture and the people living style too.

So, I think to have a great and successful Shanghai World Expo 2010 event, is not only need to renovate the buildings, beauty the city, minimize traffic jam to improve on transportation services, and there is one important key area that is need to improve the quality of their citizens living style and culture as well. I like Xiamen people, they are nice and friendly, and really provide good services in restaurants, shopping centers, stores, hotels, and even the taxi driver. Xiamen is quite similar to Penang, but it develop faster than Penang now! Government play a good role!


I took a lot of photos in Shanghai using my Nokia 6120 classic (image quality not good), and visited few famous shopping places, went to visit the house with agents to know the prices and environment, tried many restaurants and local food, checked on the education info / school prices and courses, checked the necessity daily or monthly used product prices in Zhongshan Park Carrefour, visited two big wet markets, went to zhongshan Park, and a lot more. Really very busy for that few days in Shanghai in order to get know more about Shanghai beside a lot of meetings in the office or hotel, and I will share to my friends and post it in my blog later.


If everything ok to move, and at the time China government still block those famous websites and I can’t access to my this Google blog, then I will use the new Baidu Jasswin blog that I registered it in Shanghai Hotel last week to share my new life and experience moving forward. If I have chance to access the Google Blogger, then will copy back to this my original blog space. Now, I still can access it in my country !!! :)


As For Now! Shanghai! A Place To Work But Not For Long-Term Living! Future Not Sure!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skype Full Download Offline Installer

Skype Full Download Offline Installer

All this while I am using the MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk to talk to my friends from different countries, and due to certain policy, and some of the country or their office not able to use the MSN, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, so that last few days we seek for another alternative solution, then tested a great tool is Skype. To download the Skype is very easy, and just need to search from Google for Skype download, then you can get it from Skype official website to download the mini installer, but not a full download copy. Most of the office are blocking us to install it using mini installer through the proxy, so we need to use the full copy of Skype Installer.

If you want to distribute for your friends with standalone full version so called offline Skype full installer, then you can refer to below link to download it. During installation or after setup, we can change the display language just using one button (under Tools –> Change Language), example change from English to Chinese, or other language that you preferred. Simple, and easy to use.


Skype Official site mini download installer (for Windows version) link: Skype for Windows 

Skype full download installer (Standalone Offline version) link: Skype Full Installer

*Note: After installed, you can click on ‘Help’ –> ‘Check for Updates’ to download and install the latest Skype version for more features and bug fixed.


When I try to use the Skype to call my friends from China, Taiwan, and US, the quality is fantastic, and just now I installed it in another computer to try it out within the same network. Wow, just same as what we are using the normal phone, and the quality really good.

I will start ask my friends use the Skype now, and it is not only save money if you want to talk to someone who has the Internet access, and even we can buy the Skype credit to call to another normal circuit phone or Mobile phone around the world. We can buy the Skype credit online though Credit Card or PayPal account. It really proved that the VoIP (Voice over IP) is get improve a lot compare to last few years back.

I believe the ISP (Internet Service Provider) already established their service with Mobile Service Providers to reduce the cost using VoIP, and once the International Infrastructure backbone upgraded to 10GB bandwidth across countries, then by that time we can talk to our friends face to face using this type of tool like real time performance through cam.

Skype not only support Windows (including the Windows 7) OS, and we can use it on Mac OS, Linux operating system, and even we can download it into Mobile phone like iPhone, Nokia N8x series, or other type of Windows Mobile based phone. Skype already partnered with a lot of Service Provider to provide a lot of great services, and it really benefit to us. Daily, there are more than million of Skype users are using Skype at the same time, but they still can maintain the quality of the service. Skype, Good Job!



Skype Offline Full Download! Ease for Distribution!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many reasons for us to stop Smoking


Malaysia have been increased the price for the cigarette for many times since last two years, the purpose is to reduce the rate of smokers, and put in the control / policy for the advertisement and today we won’t see the cigarette advertisement in most of the media channels.

I have been took the SALEM for many years, and yesterday I have to pay RM9.30 for 1 pack. Today, I am start thinking that is it the right time to stop smoking now. As I read one article many years before, and know that if we stop smoke before age 35 years old, then should not have huge impact to our health. To stop smoking, it really need to put in a lot of effort, as I did try it before and stop smoking for a year in last few years back till I joined one of the IT solution company then start smoking again till now.

Few of my friends did try to stop smoking as well, but after few weeks or months, then they start smoke again, because of friends. This is one of the key show stopper for most of the people, so I am thinking that if I want to stop smoking, then mean that I have to learn how to reject from my friend, but still go out with them, or follow them to smoking area, and even in clubbing time without smoke. Sound like very difficult!

My friend did ask me why am I like to smoke, and usually I did ask myself too, but I don’t have a good reason I need to smoke, but in other side, I am really care my health now, as after certain age, most of the people start look for better health, and save more money. My answer always is I don’t know, then my friend ask to stop since without any reason to smoke, and can save a lot of money a year too. I believe a lot of people has the same answer too, as they can’t find a good reason for the smoking, and how smoke can help them. They are your good friends if they advise you stop smoking!

In Malaysia, almost every box of cigarette printed with various type of cancel pictures to advise people stop to smoke, and I total agree this is a good solution as I am one of the smoker start think about health after look at the picture every time I smoke. At the same time, I believe tourist will have the same concern too, as I got a lot of feedback from our friends that other countries didn’t implement this. It really make them stop buy the cigarette in Malaysia, but some of them will buy from the Airport duty free store before enter to our country.

There are many reasons for us to stop smoking, and it is not only help ourselves and even good for our family health. I won’t say how it benefit us, and we just simply search from Google or Yahoo then will know all of them. The most important thing now is you need to ask yourself why you want to stop smoking, how confidence you can make it and when you want to start? If you don’t have answer now, then never mind and try to ask those questions every morning until you know it, then only you can really stop smoking without any influence from your friends and environment.


Stop Smoking! Better Health! Save Money!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dell Mini Smartphone compete Apple iPhone & Nokia?

 Dell Mini Smartphone vs iPhone and Nokia

Dell recently move very fast to expand their business, outsourcing to contract manufacturers, acquired IT services provider Perot Systems for $3.9 billion, and next may be is to launch Dell Mini Smartphone (using Google Android OS) to United State with AT&T mobile network operator early next year based on Wall Street Journal (WSL) reports. By that time, Dell Mini Smartphone really can compete with major AT&T subscribers Apple iPhone, next Nokia Smartphone still is a BIG question.

Dell acquired Perot System, so that it able to provide the IT solution service which able to compete with HP, and for the mobile phone market is still a huge opportunity as future most of the people will use the Smartphone rather than carry the Computer Laptops or Netbooks. Because, the famous Smartphone already built in the key applications which people use it every day (i.e. email apps, Internet browsers, music and video players, office used applications like word / excel / powerpoint, PDF viewer, and some famous interact portal like Facebook / Twitter / MySpace, world maps, etc), with Camera / Video recorder features, and most important is 3G or Wireless ready and able to access to Internet anytime anywhere. The Smartphone really convenient than Netbooks in future with more storage capacity and hologram readiness in next few years.

I believe Dell start sell Mobile Phone, is same as Nokia start on Computer Netbooks marketing strategy, as Apple already has their market share on both, and especially since Apple launched the iPod then follow by iPhone to become a key leader on this daily used technology device company.

We all can see the recent business trend has change, last few years most of the companies try to invent the new technology by themselves and try to release into market as soon as other competitors to gain the market share. But recent years, those key players already move their focus on the marketing and sales strategies, and outsource the R&D to other companies or merge with well established new technology companies to provide the new services and products to their customers within short period of times.

By next year, if new Dell Smartphone has more features and functionalities compare to Apple iPhone or Nokia Smartphone with good marketing strategies, then may be it can take over 5 to 10 percents of market share within a year in US to become of one of the famous Mobile phone provider.



Dell Mini Smartphone! Enter Mobile Phone World!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Facebook Cafe World Tips and Tricks

Cafe World Logo

I am believe you may like the Facebook Cafe World game if you are playing the Restaurant City for after few months. You can earn coins as tips from your friends in Cafe World which is not same as Restaurant City. I saw most of my friends start play the Cafe World, and I just start try to play it and not bad, is quite fun and has different technique too. Lets share with you what I found, then we can play it together to pass time.


Facebook Cafe World Tips and Tricks:-

  1. This is not same as Restaurant City, so you can’t use the island table design in Cafe World, as they people not clever enough move in your round table. Mean time, you can put your table like class room design first, and once I found a better idea, then will share with you.Cafe World Table
  2. If you are not able to play Cafe World all the time, then you need to check when is your next available time to play, then choose the right dish in your cookbook to match your time based on the ‘Ready in:’.
  3. In order to gain more money, one of the important point is you need to keep on open your Cafe World without close it to ramp your Cafe World rank, so that every customer give you good feedback and attract more customer to your Cafe Restaurant.
  4. If you want to speed up your level, then you need to spend more time to play game and choose the dish with 5 mins or 15 mins one, although you get much coins, but you gain Cafe experience point faster.
  5. You can get reward if you always visit your friends Cafe shop, you will gain extra 5 cafe points and 20 coins. So, in another word is try to invite your friends to play the Cafe World to be your Cafe World neighbor, then if one day you can visit more than 50 friends, the you will increase your Cafe World Level faster to get next level up.Cafe World Reward
  6. You need to expand your Cafe size, so that you can put more tables to serve your Cafe customer to gain more coins, but you need to remember to put your tables near your counters, and counters near the stoves, and try to keep your waiter and chef movement less than 8 steps for better performance.
  7. One important point is before you use your gift to get more coins, lets make sure all your tables full with customers first then only use it, so that you won’t waste your gift for just 1 or 2 customers with less return. If not just keep your gift first, until you expand your Cafe to bigger size.
  8. If you have a lot of money, then you can purchase the dish to cook, then delete it again, and buy then cook again. for example, you can buy pizza for 5 hours using 400 coins, then each time you buy and cook, you can gain at least 21 exp, then you delete it and buy again. Using this method, you can gain a lot of experience within short time to next level.
  9. I did mention use the class room table design is good way to attract more customer, but the first row near your counter can leave middle empty space so that your waiters can pass through it to next row of table. If you want to use the island table design, then don’t close your table with your counter, you can leave both end table a space between your counter and your island table design.


I always say the time management is very important, as I don’t want my friends put too much time to play game without take care other things, especially your family and try not to play it during office office, unless is during lunch time then should be reasonable.

I do write some of the Facebook games tips and tricks, and you can refer to my ‘Games’ category.


Facebook Cafe World! Lets Call Your Friends@Cafe World!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Penang Restaurant – Hard Rock Hotel Penang Starz Diner

Hard Rock Hotel Penang


Last few days, we had team lunch at Hard Rock Hotel Penang Starz Diner restaurant. We choose Hard Rock Hotel Starz Diner as a lot of people promote the food is good in the Internet, especially the International cuisine buffet dinner, comfortable environment, able to view the Starz Diner chefs to cook and serve, and the price is reasonable compare to other expensive restaurants in other Penang Hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Guitar

One of our colleague called Hard Rock Hotel Penang and requested for the seat reservation, the the receptionist told him is fully booked. So, I checked from Internet and found another contact then called Hard Rock Hotel Penang again, then request them to transfer the call to Starz Diner Restaurant. The lady told me their restaurant is not fully booked, and they do have buffet dinner (International cuisine) on Friday and Saturday. The price per pax is RM78++ (half price for kids). So, I requested her to send me the buffet menu, some photos, contact, etc and provided my email address, and she said will send to me in another half an hour before lunchtime.

Hard Rock Penang Pool Drink

Around 3pm on that day, I give them a call again, and they said will send to me as they have problem on the email system. Until today, I didn’t receive any email from them, but we already tried the food in Starz Diner restaurant, and is not the buffet dinner.

Hard Rock Starz Diner

We enjoyed our time in Starz Diner restaurant, had some fun activities in Hard Rock Hotel Penang, the food presentation is great, but the taste… ai… below some feedbacks after lunch..

Hard Rock Starz Diner Table

Feedback 1: The FOOD looks yummy…


Feedback 2: Vegetarian set is not vegetarian food…

Hard Rock Starz Diner Vegetarian

Feedback 3: Taste like rubber…

Hard Rock Starz Diner Meat

Feedback 4: Not fresh and Sushi King one is better, only 12+ …

Hard Rock Starz Diner Salmon

Feedback 5: Price not equal to food quality…

Hard Rock Starz Diner Food Quality

Feedback 6: Is it same chef for buffet dinner? if same then better not to try, 78++ not cheap…

Hard Rock Starz Diner Fish

May be still new for them and they need time to improve. I am planning to try the Starz Diner buffet dinner with my family then buy Hard Rock T-shirt, as there are still a lot of people give the good feedback in the Internet. I really hope Starz Diner can gather more feedbacks and comments from their customers then improve it ASAP, as there are many great restaurants in Penang and a lot of choices too.



Penang Restaurant Name: Hard Rock Hotel Penang - Starz Diner

Hotel Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100, Penang, Malaysia

Hotel Contact Number: 604-881 1711 (request transfer to Starz Diner)

Hotel Fax Number: 04-881 2155

Starz Diner Opening Hours:
6.30am – 11.00pm, Sunday – Thursday
6.30am – 4.00am, Friday - Saturday



Hard Rock Hotel Penang Starz Diner! Need Improvement!


Noted: Above pictures are captured by Keith Tan who love to take photo, enjoy food and make joke.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Half of AT&T’s iPhone Users wish to change Provider if possible

AT&T Iphone Users

AT&T has been working with Apple for quite sometime, and most of the smartphone AT&T customers are using the Apple iPhone. This is definitely increase the sales for these both giant companies, and Apple iPhone already become one of the best smartphone used by a lot of people. But recently the CFI Group survey results show that the half of the AT&T’s iPhone users wish to change to another service provider if possible, in order to have a stable 3G network or wireless service in United State.

The reports show that most of the AT&T subscribers not satisfy their service, and especially they always have the problem to connect to 3G network or wireless service, or the speed of Internet is too slow. They do complained a lot to AT&T service center, but they always not admit is their problem. In another way, they said the company plan to spend number of billion dollar to expand and upgrade their broadband infrastructure to provide better service to their customers and get ready for the business grow.

Another point of view, today with the great iPhone features and applications / games developed for iPhone, it really change a way for people to use the Internet rather to carry another computer laptops or Netbooks on the road, as it is really convenient and user friendly. Possible this is one of the reason that million of smartphone users access the Internet at the same time and generate huge network activities and cause the AT&T network not stable.

So far in U.S., AT&T is the only one offering the iPhone with the existing deal with Apple. If they are under estimate their competitors capability, and with the bad customer satisfaction, then AT&T may loss their customers within these few years. After they spend so much on their infrastructure in next 1 or 2 years, then the return may take longer if the customers switch to other service provider, and the competitors really provide good service to their subscribers.

There are a lot of programs available in the Internet for people to download and crack the Apple iPhone firmware in order to support other mobile service provider SIM card. Some of the mobile phone retailer provide this type of service to their customer, even they have a special card to put between SIM card and the phone socket to crack the system to support other mobile service provider network. If the user has different lines (subscribe from different providers or from his / her family or friends), then they may try it out to decide whether they need to change or not.

So, I believe once the contract end for the existing AT&T’s iPhone subscribers, then they may switch to other mobile service provide if AT&T haven’t upgrade and improve their 3G network or wireless infrastructure within next 12 months, and customer still experience on the slow network traffic or intermittent service drop under AT&T network coverage.

Before the situation turn to very bad, and really hope that AT&T able to come out a solution or extra free service to retain their customers to increase their satisfaction first in order to buy time for them to upgrade and improve their network coverage and broadband service. AT&T smart decision make billion!


AT&T’s iPhone Users! Be Patient!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some Viagra has Side Effects and look for Impotence Treatment



I just get to know more on Viagra side effects yesterday from my friend (lets call him Doctor Tan) for the Mooncake Festival gathering. Thanks for the ‘moon cake’ for me to learn more for the Viagra side effects, as you may not know that if take too much moon cake with wine, and curry chicken at the same time, then it will have something like Viagra effect, but it won’t have any side effects compare to Viagra. Then I ask few questions, as I read the sexual dysfunctions article before. Doctor Tan told us this possible is one of the impotence treatment. Ha ha ha…

Few of us laugh many times when we talked about this Viagra topic, and no girl really want to near us for that half an hour. Doctor Tan told us recently he got few patients took too much Viagra and caused them got side effects. Most of them get the Viagra from illegal market or online store without consult doctor, and usually they got advise from friends, then just bought it. Serious one have to take a week off and rest at home, then get series of treatments and many type of medicines from Doctor. At the end, they have to spend more money to recover and get back their health, and told the Doctor how much Viagra he took, when to use it, what type of symptoms after take the Viagra, even they have to tell the Doctor the whole progress before / after took the Viagra.

They’re not feel shame to look for Doctor when they are having the Viagra side effects, then I think why don’t you consult your Doctor to introduce the right Viagra for you, or where to get the recommended or proven good Viagra without side effects, or seek for better impotence treatment. This is serious, and don’t simply listen from your friends then just use it, unless / at least your friend is Doctor.

Doctor Tan told us is not everyone suitable to take Viagra, and Viagra has different categories, different ingredients, and different grades vs prices from the suppliers. Some people don’t have the sexual dysfunction problem, but they take Viagra to improve their performance for the sports activities, or even some countries the Doctor choose and use the right Viagra for the altitude sickness. We never hear this before until Doctor Tan told us yesterday!

Below are few questions and answers that we discussed yesterday night, and I think the best answer is you consult your Doctor who you can trusted.

When is the best time to take Viagra before lovemaking?

Doctor Tan told us the best is before 1 ~ 3 hours, and we need to have basic sexual stimulation (physical touch or logical imagination) then it will help to make a men erection.


What is the possible Viagra side effects?

Doctor Tan told us, most of the men took Viagra has mild headache after few hours, and some of them have stomach pain, body turn warm, thirst, or worse case is their muscle very pain and can’t relax, visual got problem, vomiting, itching skin, diarrhea, then need to seek for treatment from Doctor.


How much for the Viagra in the market?

Doctor Tan told us those recommended Viagra price is around MYR 20 ~ 60, and is depend on the usage or our health situation.


What type of food not to mix with Viagra?

Doctor Tan told us when we take the Viagra before 4 hours or within 12 hours, try avoid to take too much of bacon or hot dogs (especially cured meats), as certain chemical from Viagra and those food may kill us if we are weak.


Can we take Viagra everyday?

Doctor Tan told us there are certain type of Viagra that is save for us to use it daily, but need to control on number of dose.


What type of food combine with Viagra for more effectiveness?

Doctor Tan told us try to get more wheat, milk and nut, as this type of food contains Vitamin E, and is good for our blood circulation. The best is consult doctor first if we plan to take Viagra with Vitamin E food, as is not everyone is suitable and depend on our health.


Can I buy Viagra from online store without consult Doctor?

Doctor Tan told us we can buy the Viagra from online, but need to check through those companies profile and history, or can send them an email to ask for detail. The best still is consult from our Doctor, and he will guide us where to get the Viagra and which type of Viagra brand is suitable for us.


What need to avoid for better performance if take the Viagra?

Doctor Tan told us try to avoid smoke and alcohol, have a good rest, and without heavy exercise before sex.


Who can not take the Viagra?

Doctor Tan told us if we have any records of stroke, heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, migraine headache, anemia then we try not to take the Viagra and better look for the natural impotence treatment.


This is really a good session with my friends during this Mid-Autumn Festival and learn a lot from them, and usually we won’t get so much information without a friend who is Doctor. We do make a lot of jokes during that time, even talk about the sex toys available in many countries or online store, and they are really open-minded, but not our country. We all laugh and laugh! :)


Other information:-

Understand More on Vitamins for Our Health
Suffer from Sexual Dysfunctions (Impotence or Loss of Sexual Power)?



Some Viagra has Side Effects! Look for Better Impotence Treatment!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 2009 with Great Moon Cake & Lantern


Moon Cake

Tomorrow (3/Oct/2009) is Mid-Autumn festival 2009 (中秋節 2009), and there are a lot of people start gather together tonight to have a pre Mid-Autumn festival party to eat and taste the different type of moon cakes, and children will play the lanterns then walk around their house. Actually, we are having the great moon cake (just received it from China Beijing) & play the lanterns now, and at the same time we celebrate birthday for our niece. :)

Moon Cake Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) is a big day for China, and most of the companies and government departments off from 1/Oct/2009 ~ 8/Oct/2009 as holidays, and there have great celebration like moon cake competition, lantern competition, etc in different area and cities. My friends from Xiamen told me that Moon Festival is more important than Chinese New Year, and that why they do have long holidays. Usually they will gather within these few days for below activities.

  • Eat different type of moon cakes
  • Chit chat with their family and friends outside under the moon
  • Play lanterns and light up the candles around their house
  • Some people will try the floating sky lanterns
  • Tell the ‘Chang E’ (嫦娥) story to their children
  • Visit temples

Same as Penang Autocity, tomorrow there will have a lantern show and celebration (may have lantern competition as well) from around 7pm ~ 11:30pm. So, we plan to have our dinner at Sushi King, then visit the show to get free lantern for our children to play, at the same time they can see various type of lantern design and enjoy the show over there. You can bring your family and friend there to enjoy the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival!





Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2009! Lets Enjoy Moon Cake and Play Lantern!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Philippines Flood - Need Your Help and Donation

Philippines Flood

People wade in the chest deep floodwater Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009 in suburban Cainta, east of Manila, Philippines (Mike Alquinto / AP Photo)

Since last few days the Typhoon Ketsana (locally called ‘Ondoy’) attacked Philippines, there are more than 300 people been killed and hundred thousands of people have to leave their home. Philippines flood already caused more than 400,000 refugees are looking for shelter in public buildings, schools, etc. There are more than 1.8 million people have been impacted, especially the residents in Manila. They really need your help and donation, at least the food and water is the must for them.

Now, they are worry another storm (Typhoon Parma) may attack the Philippines again, possible reach in another two or three days. If it is happen in next few days, then it really make the current situation become worse, because they predict the Typhoon Parma could be more powerful than Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy). Lets pray for them!

If you are not able to be onsite to help them, then may be you can try to donate online or offline, and you can ask your family or friends make the donation as well. This is not only used to get more food, water, clothes, medicine, etc to them, and it can be used to rebuild their infrastructure, houses, etc, and help those hundred thousand people able to get through their difficult time. If you are one of them, then you also hope that someone can help you!


Few methods to make donations to help Philippines flood:-

1. Direct your donations to RedCross Philippine-
Choose “Typhoon Ondoy”

2. Donate via UNICEF USA – To donate to the ongoing emergency relief efforts in the Philippines, please visit: or call 1.800.4UNICEF.

3. Donate via – World Food Program
Help the Philippines Weather the Storm

4. You can also donate thru Ayala Foundation:

5. Donations may be designated as “Philippines floods” and sent to PWRDF at 80 Hayden St. , Toronto, Ont., M4Y 3G2. They can also be sent electronically through CanadaHelps.
For credit card donations, contact Ricky de Castro, PWRDF grants administrator, at 1-866-308-7973 or at (416) 924-9199 ext. 318.



Philippines Flood! Need Your Help and Donation!

H1N1 (Influenza A) Vaccine Ready by Next Week and around 7 Million Doses

H1N1 Vaccine


This is a good news that the H1N1 (Influenza A or Swine Flu) vaccine will be ready by next week and few H1N1 vaccine makers already start to ship the H1N1 vaccine (around 7 million doses) to various distribution centers.

As this is the first batch of H1N1 vaccine and only around 7 million doses, so mostly it will be provided to H1N1 high risk group people first.

    • Senior citizen age from 65 years and older (more than 60 years old need to take note)
    • Children below age 5 years (below 10 years old need to take note)
    • People on long-term aspirin therapy
    • Pregnant women
    • People with asthma, organ failure, diabetes mellitus, and other disease
    • People leave near by or in the nursing home or other chronic care facilities
    • People work in crowded areas like shopping centers, airports, governments service centers, tourists areas, restaurants, hotels, etc

National Institutes of Health mentioned that this H1N1 vaccine so far didn’t have any serious side effects and most of the testers have been immunized with good results.

Although a lot of people still worry about the side effects if take the H1N1 vaccine, and most of the feedback is wait and see the effect from other people first then only decide to take the H1N1 vaccine. But, there are certain group of people really want to take the H1N1 vaccine first, as this is the best precaution and even some of the rich people are willing to pay for it to be the first batch of people to get the H1N1 vaccine.

If you need to know where to get the H1N1 vaccine, then you can check with your government hospital, or local public health department. So far they didn’t announce the location or distribution center yet, and they plan to publish this information on once is it available.

I think you better take the H1N1 vaccine even you are not fall in the H1N1 high risk group, as you may not know when you will be get infected by H1N1 virus, and once you have been infected then it will spread to your family and friends. You need to take care yourself first, then only can take care your children or senior citizens. Try to get H1N1 vaccine as early as you can! :)


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Good News – One Dose of Swine Flu (Influenza A, H1N1) Vaccine Works



H1N1 Vaccine! 7 Million Doses! First Batch of People Get H1N1 Precaution!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Petrol RON 95 vs 97 Price is Cheaper but Under Power for Most of the Cars

RON 95

A lot of people already tried to use the Petrol RON 95 since Malaysia implemented it from 1st of September 2009, but after compare the Petrol RON 95 vs 97, the price is cheaper than RON 97, but a lot of cars performance is under power. In another word, you may get the same price vs mileage if you are using the RON 95 now versus you used the RON 97 previously.

Existing price for Petrol RON below:-
RON 95 = RM1.80/litre
RON 97 = RM2.05/litre

RON = Research Octane Number. RON is a rating number and a way to rate the petrol in a test engine with condition, then get the rating number after compare the results for mixtures of iso-octane & n-heptane. If you see the higher RON number, mean the petrol have higher resistance toward pre-ignition or detonation. Most of the F1 racing cars or Airplane are using the RON 100 or greater RON / MON / AKI.

So, it means that
RON 95 = MON 85-86 = AKI 90-91

Today, I had lunch with my friends and we talked about this Petrol RON 95. All of us already tried the RON 95, but our conclusion is the price for RON 95 is cheaper, but we all agreed the car performance really underpowered. They also share the experience from his / her friends or family, and so far most of them not really like the RON 95. If you are using below car models, then you may need to monitor it as most of the people (friends or friend of friends) complain the car is under power after use the RON 95. If you compare the price (full tank / mileage) for RON 95 vs RON 97  after few tries and the result is not much different, then propose you to use back the RON 97, as is good for your car engine for long run and better performance.

Car Models (especially Car with Automatic Transmission):-
Proton Savvy, Perodua Myvi, Proton Wira, Honda Civic, Honda City, KIA Optima, NAZA RIA, Nissan SENTRA, Perodua Kelisa, Proton Waja, Toyota Vios, Proton Saga, Proton Persona, Perodua Kenari, Nissan Cefiro, Naza Suria, Kia Spectra

Replace the RON 92 to RON 95, although provide a better Petrol quality for most of the transportation, but if most of the cars consume the Petrol RON 95 fuel more than RON 97 fuel, then means that it put the burden back to us and help the Petrol companies gain more profit. I think this is the strategies from Petrol companies and government, as if government try to control them not to increase the petrol price, then I believe this is another way to help the Petrol companies. We use it, we pay it, they gain it! :)

Below is the list of Malaysia Petroleum Companies:-
Shell (Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd) ~
Bangunan Shell Malaysia, Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1 300 88 1808 (Customer Service Centre), 1 800 88 3899 (Emergency), 03 2095 9144, Fax: 03 2091 2957

Petronas ~
Tower 1, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2026 5000, Fax: 03 2026 5050

Exxon Mobil Corporation (Esso, Mobil) ~
Level 16, Menara ExxonMobil, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2053 3000, 1 300 88 0323 (Smiles Customer Service Hotline)

Caltex (Caltex Oil Malaysia Limited) ~
Level 3, Tower & Annex, Menara Millennium, 8, Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1 800 88 3188 (Hotline), 03 2289 6688, 03 2730 6988, Fax: 03 2289 6608

Castrol (Premier Lubricants (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd) ~
Level 35, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2059 5555, Fax: 03 2059 5560

BHP (Bousted Petroleum Marketing) ~
Level 31, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1 800 18 8888

Petrol RON 95! You Need More Power! You Pay More!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

6.4兆禮券怎賠?HOLA買單恐倒店 (64 Hundred Million Vouchers? HOLA Possible Bankrupt)





消基會認為,如果業者HOLA最後沒辦法舉證自己是受害者,就必須對下單者負責。消基會董事長謝天仁:「像戴爾這個事件裡面,不只人家會認為,用這個(標錯價)事件在炒作,甚至於有人在懷疑,用這樣的方式得到消費者資料,來達到它促銷的相關目的。」 消基會提醒,消費者如果只下1張單、買1張HOLA禮券,被保障的機會相對變高,如果惡意大量下單,想利用網站疏漏獲利,恐怕只會等到一場空。



Another case happen again after Dell, that HOLA website released 64 hundred million electronic vouchers (thousand dollar) for their customers. They said that possible attached by Hacker, but don’t have any prove yet. Dell has to discount 20% for those products for whole year due to the wrong pricing listed in the Internet, so this time we are not sure how HOLA to handle it. If HOLA need to pay all the vouchers, then HOLA might bankrupt as the total asset of HOLA not enough to pay 6.4 trillion dollar (Unihan Definition for Taiwan). WOW!

If HOLA not able to prove that is not their mistake, then they have to provide a solution for their customers. Even they follow the Dell method to provide 20% discount, or give the minimum voucher or coupon (hundred dollar), then with 11 x HOLA shops still not able to pay to their customers with 64 hundred million vouchers.

If HOLA bankrupt, then it will impact to thousand workers and their suppliers seriously, especially during slow economic market. Oh man!

This is show that we really need to be careful if doing the Internet online business, and this is one the serious example from Dell and HOLA. The leak of Internet security will cause our business loss million of dollar, or even in worse situation then may ‘close shop’. So, IT play a very important role in this modern day, and without IT with the latest technologies and strategies, then you will not able to compete with your competitors. Not sure Insurance can cover or not? Possible is a good opportunity for Insurance company!


64 Hundred Million HOLA Electronic Vouchers! Lets see how HOLA resolve it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys (Hotkeys) for Advanced Users

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys Hotkeys for Advanced Users

Microsoft already released Windows 7 OEM final version to computer companies for home and business users, and there are thousands of users are using the Windows 7 with evaluation copy, and start to upgrade or buy the new licensed Windows 7 for their existing computer as the performance is really fantastic compare to previous Windows Vista. You can get the new computers or laptops with Windows 7 (OEM version), and if they haven’t ship with Windows 7 for your new Netbooks or Notebooks, then you can request them (i.e. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, IBM, etc) to provide free upgrade once available before you place the order. As I am one of the Windows 7 user, and most of the time I am using the shortcut keys to minimize the mouse move, less clicks and save time, so I try to research and compile the Windows 7 shortcut keys (Hotkeys) for advanced users here.

A lot of Windows 7 shortcut keys (Hotkeys) are using the Windows key (windowskey), and most of the keyboards are designed to use for Microsoft Windows OS. If you are seldom to use the shortcut keys, then you can try and practice to use the Windows 7 shortcut keys once your PC installed with Windows 7, and it really make you use the computer much more faster. Try and see!

Below most common used Windows 7 Keyboard shortcuts get from this link:-

General hotkeys
windowskey + Up arrow
Maximizes the current windows
windowskey + Down arrow
Restore or minimize the current window
windowskey + Left arrow
Snap the current window to the left half of your screen
windowskey + Right arrow
Snap the current window to the right half of your screen
windowskey + Shift + Left arrow
Moves the current windows to the left screen, when running dual monitors
windowskey + Shift + Right arrow
Moves the current windows to the right screen, when running dual monitors
windowskey + Home
Minimises or Restores all but the current window
windowskey + T
Focuses on the taskbar, you can then use the arrow keys and enter to select
Pressing it again will cycle through items.
windowskey + Shift + T cycles backwards
windowskey + Tab
Cycle through your open applications in 3D
Alt + Tab
Cycle through your open applications in 2D
windowskey + Space bar (hold keys)
Peek at the desktop
windowskey + D
Show the desktop
windowskey + M
Minimize the current windows
windowskey + G
Bring your gadgets to the top of your applications
windowskey + P
Presentation and external display options
windowskey + U
Open Ease of Access center
windowskey + X
Mobility Center enabling quick access to features like wi-fi
windowskey + [a number key 1-5]
Launches the program from the task bar corresponding to that number key. Example:-
windowskey + 1 -- Launches the first application on the task bar
windowskey + +
Zoom in
windowskey + -
Zoom out
windowskey + L
Lock your PC back to the login screen
Taskbar modifiers used in conjuntion with the mouse
Shift + Click on icon
or Middle Click on icon
Opens a new instance of application
Ctrl + Shift + Click on icon
Open a new instance of application with admin privileges
Shift + Right click on icon
Show the window menu (restore/minimize/move)
Ctrl + Click on grouped icon
Cycle between the windows/tabs in the group

Windows Explorer shortcut keys
windowskey + E
Start Windows Explorer
windowskey + F
Open a Search Window
windowskey + R
Open the Run command
Alt + P
Show or hide the preview pane
Ctrl + + (number pad + only)
Resize all the columns in details view

Below is the full list of Windows 7 keyboard shortcut keys (Hotkeys) from Microsoft (link):-

Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts
    * Right Shift for eight seconds: Turn Filter Keys on and off
    * Left Alt + Left Shift + PrtScn (or PrtScn): Turn High Contrast on or off
    * Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock: Turn Mouse Keys on or off
    * Shift five times: Turn Sticky Keys on or off
    * Num Lock for five seconds: Turn Toggle Keys on or off
    * Windows logo key + U: Open the Ease of Access Center

General keyboard shortcuts
    * F1: Display Help
    * Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert): Copy the selected item
    * Ctrl + X: Cut the selected item
    * Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert): Paste the selected item
    * Ctrl + Z: Undo an action
    * Ctrl + Y: Redo an action
    * Delete (or Ctrl + D): Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin
    * Shift + Delete: Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first
    * F2: Rename the selected item
    * Ctrl + Right Arrow: Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
    * Ctrl + Left Arrow: Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
    * Ctrl + Down Arrow: Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
    * Ctrl + Up Arrow: Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
    * Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key: Select a block of text
    * Shift + any arrow key: Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document
    * Ctrl + any arrow key + Spacebar: Select multiple individual items in a window or on the desktop
    * Ctrl + A: Select all items in a document or window
    * F3: Search for a file or folder
    * Alt + Enter: Display properties for the selected item
    * Alt + F4: Close the active item, or exit the active program
    * Alt + Spacebar: Open the shortcut menu for the active window
    * Ctrl + F4: Close the active document (in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously)
    * Alt + Tab: Switch between open items
    * Ctrl + Alt + Tab: Use the arrow keys to switch between open items
    * Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel: Change the size of icons on the desktop
    * Windows logo key + Tab: Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D
    * Ctrl+ Windows logo key + Tab: Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D
    * Alt + Esc: Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened
    * F6: Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
    * F4: Display the address bar list in Windows Explorer
    * Shift + F10: Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
    * Ctrl + Esc: Open the Start menu
    * Alt + underlined letter: Display the corresponding menu
    * Alt + underlined letter: Perform the menu command (or other underlined command)
    * F10: Activate the menu bar in the active program
    * Right Arrow: Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu
    * Left Arrow: Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu
    * F5 (or Ctrl + R): Refresh the active window
    * Alt + Up Arrow: View the folder one level up in Windows Explorer
    * Esc: Cancel the current task
    * Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
    * Shift when you insert a CD: Prevent the CD from automatically playing
    * Left Alt + Shift: Switch the input language when multiple input languages are enabled
    * Ctrl + ShiftL: Switch the keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are enabled
    * Right or Left Ctrl + Shift: Change the reading direction of text in right-to-left reading languages

Dialog box keyboard shortcuts
    * Ctrl + Tab: Move forward through tabs
    * Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Move back through tabs
    * Tab: Move forward through options
    * Shift + Tab: Move back through options
    * Alt + underlined letter: Perform the command (or select the option) that goes with that letter
    * Enter: Replaces clicking the mouse for many selected commands
    * Spacebar: Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box
    * Arrow keys: Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons
    * F1: Display Help
    * F4: Display the items in the active list
    * Backspace: Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box

Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts
    * Windows logo key: Open or close the Start menu.
    * Windows logo key + Pause: Display the System Properties dialog box.
    * Windows logo key + D: Display the desktop.
    * Windows logo key + M: Minimize all windows.
    * Windows logo key + Shift + M: Restore minimized windows to the desktop.
    * Windows logo key + E: Open Computer.
    * Windows logo key + F: Search for a file or folder.
    * Ctrl + Windows logo key + F: Search for computers (if you’re on a network).
    * Windows logo key + L: Lock your computer or switch users.
    * Windows logo key + R: Open the Run dialog box.
    * Windows logo key + T: Cycle through programs on the taskbar.
    * Windows logo key + number: Start the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. If the program is already running, switch to that program.
    * Shift + Windows logo key + number: Start a new instance of the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
    * Ctrl + Windows logo key + number: Switch to the last active window of the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
    * Alt + Windows logo key + number: Open the Jump List for the program pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
    * Windows logo key + Tab: Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D.
    * Ctrl+Windows logo key + Tab: Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Aero Flip 3-D.
    * Ctrl+Windows logo key + B: Switch to the program that displayed a message in the notification area.
    * Windows logo key + Spacebar: Preview the desktop.
    * Windows logo key + Up Arrow: Maximize the window.
    * Windows logo key + Left Arrow: Maximize the window to the left side of the screen.
    * Windows logo key + Right Arrow: Maximize the window to the right side of the screen.
    * Windows logo key + Down Arrow: Minimize the window.
    * Windows logo key + Home: Minimize all but the active window.
    * Windows logo key + Shift + Up Arrow: Stretch the window to the top and bottom of the screen.
    * Windows logo key + Shift+ Left Arrow or Right Arrow: Move a window from one monitor to another.
    * Windows logo key + P: Choose a presentation display mode.
    * Windows logo key + G: Cycle through gadgets.
    * Windows logo key + U: Open Ease of Access Center.
    * Windows logo key + X: Open Windows Mobility Center.

Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts
    * Ctrl + N: Open a new window
    * Ctrl + W: Close the current window
    * Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new folder
    * End: Display the bottom of the active window
    * Home: Display the top of the active window
    * F11: Maximize or minimize the active window
    * Ctrl + Period (.): Rotate a picture clockwise
    * Ctrl + Comma (,): Rotate a picture counter-clockwise
    * Num Lock + Asterisk (*) on numeric keypad: Display all subfolders under the selected folder
    * Num Lock + Plus Sign (+) on numeric keypad: Display the contents of the selected folder
    * Num Lock + Minus Sign (-) on numeric keypad: Collapse the selected folder
    * Left Arrow: Collapse the current selection (if it’s expanded), or select the parent folder
    * Alt + Enter: Open the Properties dialog box for the selected item
    * Alt + P: Display the preview pane
    * Alt + Left Arrow: View the previous folder
    * Backspace: View the previous folder
    * Right Arrow: Display the current selection (if it’s collapsed), or select the first subfolder
    * Alt + Right Arrow: View the next folder
    * Alt + Up Arrow: View the parent folder
    * Ctrl + Shift + E: Display all folders above the selected folder
    * Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel: Change the size and appearance of file and folder icons
    * Alt + D: Select the address bar
    * Ctrl + E: Select the search box
    * Ctrl + F: Select the search box

Taskbar keyboard shortcuts
    * Shift + Click on a taskbar button: Open a program or quickly open another instance of a program
    * Ctrl + Shift + Click on a taskbar button: Open a program as an administrator
    * Shift + Right-click on a taskbar button: Show the window menu for the program
    * Shift + Right-click on a grouped taskbar button: Show the window menu for the group
    * Ctrl + Click on a grouped taskbar button: Cycle through the windows of the group

Magnifier keyboard shortcuts
    * Windows logo key + Plus Sign or Minus Sign: Zoom in or out
    * Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar: Preview the desktop in full-screen mode
    * Ctrl + Alt + F: Switch to full-screen mode
    * Ctrl + Alt + L: Switch to lens mode
    * Ctrl + Alt + D: Switch to docked mode
    * Ctrl + Alt + I: Invert colors
    * Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys: Pan in the direction of the arrow keys
    * Ctrl + Alt + R: Resize the lens
    * Windows logo key + Esc: Exit Magnifier

Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts
    * Alt + Page Up: Move between programs from left to right.
    * Alt + Page Down: Move between programs from right to left.
    * Alt + Insert: Cycle through programs in the order that they were started in.
    * Alt + Home: Display the Start menu.
    * Ctrl + Alt + Break: Switch between a window and full screen.
    * Ctrl + Alt + End: Display the Windows Security dialog box.
    * Alt + Delete: Display the system menu.
    * Ctrl + Alt + Minus Sign (-) on the numeric keypad: Place a copy of the active window, within the client, on the Terminal server clipboard (provides the same functionality as pressing Alt + PrtScn on a local computer).
    * Ctrl + Alt + Plus Sign (+) on the numeric keypad: Place a copy of the entire client window area on the Terminal server clipboard (provides the same functionality as pressing PrtScn on a local computer).
    * Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow: “Tab” out of the Remote Desktop controls to a control in the host program (for example, a button or a text box). Useful when the Remote Desktop controls are embedded in another (host) program.
    * Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow: “Tab” out of the Remote Desktop controls to a control in the host program (for example, a button or a text box). Useful when the Remote Desktop controls are embedded in another (host) program.
Paint keyboard shortcuts
    * Ctrl + N: Create a new picture
    * Ctrl + O: Open an existing picture
    * Ctrl + S: Save changes to a picture
    * F12: Save the picture as a new file
    * Ctrl + P: Print a picture
    * Alt + F4: Close a picture and its Paint window
    * Ctrl + Z: Undo a change
    * Ctrl + Y: Redo a change
    * Ctrl + A: Select the entire picture
    * Ctrl + X: Cut a selection
    * Ctrl + C: Copy a selection to the Clipboard
    * Ctrl + V: Paste a selection from the Clipboard
    * Right Arrow: Move the selection or active shape right by one pixel
    * Left Arrow: Move the selection or active shape left by one pixel
    * Down Arrow: Move the selection or active shape down by one pixel
    * Up Arrow: Move the selection or active shape up by one pixel
    * Esc: Cancel a selection
    * Delete: Delete a selection
    * Ctrl + B: Bold selected text
    * Ctrl + +: Increase the width of a brush, line, or shape outline by one pixel
    * Ctrl + -: Decrease the width of a brush, line, or shape outline by one pixel
    * Ctrl + I: Italicize selected text
    * Ctrl + U: Underline selected text
    * Ctrl + E: Open the Properties dialog box
    * Ctrl + W: Open the Resize and Skew dialog box
    * Ctrl + Page Up: Zoom in
    * Ctrl + Page Down: Zoom out
    * F11: View a picture in full-screen mode
    * Ctrl + R: Show or hide the ruler
    * Ctrl + G: Show or hide gridlines
    * F10 or Alt: Display keytips
    * Shift + F10: Show the current shortcut menu
    * F1: Open Paint Help

WordPad keyboard shortcuts
    * Ctrl + N: Create a new document
    * Ctrl + O: Open an existing document
    * Ctrl + S: Save changes to a document
    * F12: Save the document as a new file
    * Ctrl + P: Print a document
    * Alt + F4: Close WordPad
    * Ctrl + Z: Undo a change
    * Ctrl + Y: Redo a change
    * Ctrl + A: Select the entire document
    * Ctrl + X: Cut a selection
    * Ctrl + C: Copy a selection to the Clipboard
    * Ctrl + V: Paste a selection from the Clipboard
    * Ctrl + B: Make selected text bold
    * Ctrl + I: Italicize selected text
    * Ctrl + U: Underline selected text
    * Ctrl + =: Make selected text subscript
    * Ctrl + Shift + =: Make selected text superscript
    * Ctrl + L: Align text left
    * Ctrl + E Align text center
    * Ctrl + R:: Align text right
    * Ctrl + J: Justify text
    * Ctrl + 1: Set single line spacing
    * Ctrl + 2: Set double line spacing
    * Ctrl + 5: Set line spacing to 1.5
    * Ctrl + Shift + >: Increase the font size
    * Ctrl + Shift + <: Decrease the font size
    * Ctrl + Shift + A: Change characters to all capitals
    * Ctrl + Shift + L: Change the bullet style
    * Ctrl + D: Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing
    * Ctrl + F: Find text in a document
    * F3: Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box
    * Ctrl + H: Replace text in a document
    * Ctrl + Left Arrow: Move the cursor one word to the left
    * Ctrl + Right Arrow: Move the cursor one word to the right
    * Ctrl + Up Arrow: Move the cursor to the line above
    * Ctrl + Down Arrow: Move the cursor to the line below
    * Ctrl + Home: Move to the beginning of the document
    * Ctrl + End: Move to the end of the document
    * Ctrl + Page Up: Move up one page
    * Ctrl + Page Down: Move down one page
    * Ctrl + Delete: Delete the next word
    * F10: Display keytips
    * Shift + F10: Show the current shortcut menu
    * F1: Open WordPad Help

Calculator keyboard shortcuts
    * Alt + 1: Switch to Standard mode
    * Alt + 2: Switch to Scientific mode
    * Alt + 3: Switch to Programmer mode
    * Alt + 4: Switch to Statistics mode
    * Ctrl + E: Open date calculations
    * Ctrl + H: Turn calculation history on or off
    * Ctrl + U: Open unit conversion
    * Alt + C: Calculate or solve date calculations and worksheets
    * F1: Open Calculator Help
    * Ctrl + Q: Press the M- button
    * Ctrl + P: Press the M+ button
    * Ctrl + M: Press the MS button
    * Ctrl + R: Press the MR button
    * Ctrl + L: Press the MC button
    * %: Press the % button
    * F9: Press the +/– button
    * /: Press the / button
    * *: Press the * button
    * +: Press the + button
    * -: Press the – button
    * R: Press the 1/× button
    * @: Press the square root button
    * 0-9: Press the number buttons (0-9)
    * =: Press the = button
    * .: Press the . (decimal point) button
    * Backspace: Press the backspace button
    * Esc: Press the C button
    * Del: Press the CE button
    * Ctrl + Shift + D: Clear the calculation history
    * F2: Edit the calculation history
    * Up Arrow key: Navigate up in the calculation history
    * Down Arrow key: Navigate down in the calculation history
    * Esc: Cancel editing the calculation history
    * Enter: Recalculate the calculation history after editing
    * F3: Select Degrees in Scientific mode
    * F4: Select Radians in Scientific mode
    * F5: Select Grads in Scientific mode
    * I: Press the Inv button in Scientific mode
    * D: Press the Mod button in Scientific mode
    * Ctrl + S: Press the sinh button in Scientific mode
    * Ctrl + O: Press the cosh button in Scientific mode
    * Ctrl + T: Press the tanh button in Scientific mode
    * (: Press the ( button in Scientific mode
    * ): Press the ) button in Scientific mode
    * N: Press the ln button in Scientific mode
    * ;: Press the Int button in Scientific mode
    * S: Press the sin button in Scientific mode
    * O: Press the cos button in Scientific mode
    * T: Press the tan button in Scientific mode
    * M: Press the dms button in Scientific mode
    * P: Press the pi button in Scientific mode
    * V: Press the F-E button in Scientific mode
    * X: Press the Exp button in Scientific mode
    * Q: Press the x^2 button in Scientific mode
    * Y: Press the x^y button in Scientific mode
    * #: Press the x^3 button in Scientific mode
    * L: Press the log button in Scientific mode
    * !: Press the n! button in Scientific mode
    * Ctrl + Y: Press the y√x button in Scientific mode
    * Ctrl + B: Press the 3√x button in Scientific mode
    * Ctrl + G: Press the 10x button in Scientific mode
    * F5: Select Hex in Programmer mode
    * F6: Select Dec in Programmer mode
    * F7: Select Oct in Programmer mode
    * F8: Select Bin in Programmer mode
    * F12: Select Qword in Programmer mode
    * F2: Select Dword in Programmer mode
    * F3: Select Word in Programmer mode
    * F4: Select Byte in Programmer mode
    * K: Press the RoR button in Programmer mode
    * J: Press the RoL button in Programmer mode
    * <: Press the Lsh button in Programmer mode
    * >: Press the Rsh button in Programmer mode
    * %: Press the Mod button in Programmer mode
    * (: Press the ( button in Programmer mode
    * ): Press the ) button in Programmer mode
    * |: Press the Or button in Programmer mode
    * ^: Press the Xor button in Programmer mode
    * ~: Press the Not button in Programmer mode
    * &: Press the And button in Programmer mode
    * A-F: Press the A-F buttons in Programmer mode
    * Spacebar: Toggles the bit value in Programmer mode
    * A: Press the Average button in Statistics mode
    * Ctrl + A: Press the Average Sq button in Statistics mode
    * S: Press the Sum button in Statistics mode
    * Ctrl + S: Press the Sum Sq button in Statistics mode
    * T: Press the S.D. button in Statistics mode
    * Ctrl + T: Press the Inv S.D. button in Statistics mode
    * D: Press the CAD button in Statistics mode

Windows Journal keyboard shortcuts
    * Ctrl + N: Start a new note
    * Ctrl + O: Open a recently used note
    * Ctrl + S: Save changes to a note
    * Ctrl + Shift + V: Move a note to a specific folder
    * Ctrl + P: Print a note
    * Alt + F4: Close a note and its Journal window
    * Ctrl + Z: Undo a change
    * Ctrl + Y: Redo a change
    * Ctrl + A: Select all items on a page
    * Ctrl + X: Cut a selection
    * Ctrl + C: Copy a selection to the Clipboard
    * Ctrl + V: Paste a selection from the Clipboard
    * Esc: Cancel a selection
    * Delete: Delete a selection
    * Ctrl + F: Start a basic find
    * Ctrl + G: Go to a page
    * F5: Refresh find results
    * F5: Refresh the note list
    * F6: Toggle between a note list and a note
    * Ctrl + Shift + C: Display a shortcut menu for column headings in a note list
    * F11: View a note in full-screen mode
    * F1: Open Journal Help

Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts
    * Alt + C: Display the Table of Contents
    * Alt + N: Display the Connection Settings menu
    * F10: Display the Options menu
    * Alt + Left Arrow: Move back to the previously viewed topic
    * Alt + Right Arrow: Move forward to the next (previously viewed) topic
    * Alt + A: Display the customer support page
    * Alt + Home: Display the Help and Support home page
    * Home: Move to the beginning of a topic
    * End: Move to the end of a topic
    * Ctrl + F: Search the current topic
    * Ctrl + P: Print a topic
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There are a lot of Windows 7 shortcut keys (Hotkeys) that you need to remember in order to use it, so actually you can print it out and stick on your cubicle or save it as your Windows desktop wallpaper. Thanks for Microsoft developers to create those friendly and useful Windows 7 shortcut keys (Hotkeys) for us to speed up the use of computer and complete more tasks within short time. Be the Windows 7 advanced users using shortcut keys!

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Windows 7 Shortcut Keys! Hotkeys for Advanced Users! Save Time!