Monday, October 5, 2009

Half of AT&T’s iPhone Users wish to change Provider if possible

AT&T Iphone Users

AT&T has been working with Apple for quite sometime, and most of the smartphone AT&T customers are using the Apple iPhone. This is definitely increase the sales for these both giant companies, and Apple iPhone already become one of the best smartphone used by a lot of people. But recently the CFI Group survey results show that the half of the AT&T’s iPhone users wish to change to another service provider if possible, in order to have a stable 3G network or wireless service in United State.

The reports show that most of the AT&T subscribers not satisfy their service, and especially they always have the problem to connect to 3G network or wireless service, or the speed of Internet is too slow. They do complained a lot to AT&T service center, but they always not admit is their problem. In another way, they said the company plan to spend number of billion dollar to expand and upgrade their broadband infrastructure to provide better service to their customers and get ready for the business grow.

Another point of view, today with the great iPhone features and applications / games developed for iPhone, it really change a way for people to use the Internet rather to carry another computer laptops or Netbooks on the road, as it is really convenient and user friendly. Possible this is one of the reason that million of smartphone users access the Internet at the same time and generate huge network activities and cause the AT&T network not stable.

So far in U.S., AT&T is the only one offering the iPhone with the existing deal with Apple. If they are under estimate their competitors capability, and with the bad customer satisfaction, then AT&T may loss their customers within these few years. After they spend so much on their infrastructure in next 1 or 2 years, then the return may take longer if the customers switch to other service provider, and the competitors really provide good service to their subscribers.

There are a lot of programs available in the Internet for people to download and crack the Apple iPhone firmware in order to support other mobile service provider SIM card. Some of the mobile phone retailer provide this type of service to their customer, even they have a special card to put between SIM card and the phone socket to crack the system to support other mobile service provider network. If the user has different lines (subscribe from different providers or from his / her family or friends), then they may try it out to decide whether they need to change or not.

So, I believe once the contract end for the existing AT&T’s iPhone subscribers, then they may switch to other mobile service provide if AT&T haven’t upgrade and improve their 3G network or wireless infrastructure within next 12 months, and customer still experience on the slow network traffic or intermittent service drop under AT&T network coverage.

Before the situation turn to very bad, and really hope that AT&T able to come out a solution or extra free service to retain their customers to increase their satisfaction first in order to buy time for them to upgrade and improve their network coverage and broadband service. AT&T smart decision make billion!


AT&T’s iPhone Users! Be Patient!