Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Time Come to Shanghai




This is my first time come to Shanghai, and found that I am not able to access a lot of websites from China (example like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, etc), including my Google blog, but Hong Kong no problem (I am in Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel now, price is HKD 900 per night and the room is big). I try use some free public proxy in China, but still have the same issue, and think back that I better don't use those free proxy, as it will capture my detail without notify me. Be Safe in Internet!

When I reached Shanghai Pudong Airport around 5pm on Wednesday 28/Oct/2009, the Shanghai weather here is not too cold and not so hot. Great! As I know in Shanghai always traffic jam, then I quickly went to take a taxi to my Renaissance Hotel. It took 2.5 hours to reach Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel (A great Hotel), and paid for CNY 197 (taxi). I did asked from my friends and know that usually take around an hour plus from airport to hotel and around CNY 150 ~ 190, but if traffic jam then it will be same as my case or more. All the way from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Renaissance Hotel, I told you the people in Shanghai drive like crazy, and really scare me. Next time better take Maglev (very fast train and only take around 6 ~ 7 minutes reach 龙阳路 Longyang Road from Shanghai Pudong Airport, then we can take LRT line 2 to other places, and is just opposite the building).

Shanghai is a big city, and a lot of giant and beautiful buildings, and a lot of cars too. One important point is the Shanghai transportation is well developed and convenient, just like Singapore. You can get a taxi easily, take LRT to many places, and the bus here is quite clean too. Only the people here still have a lot of space to grow and learn. The people in Singapore or Japan are more polite even they live in those big cities compare Shanghai. I really hope the people here can improve on their attitude and behavior as much as they can in order to compete with other countries and cities. The city image is not only from environment only, a good place to work or live is related to the culture and the people living style too.

So, I think to have a great and successful Shanghai World Expo 2010 event, is not only need to renovate the buildings, beauty the city, minimize traffic jam to improve on transportation services, and there is one important key area that is need to improve the quality of their citizens living style and culture as well. I like Xiamen people, they are nice and friendly, and really provide good services in restaurants, shopping centers, stores, hotels, and even the taxi driver. Xiamen is quite similar to Penang, but it develop faster than Penang now! Government play a good role!


I took a lot of photos in Shanghai using my Nokia 6120 classic (image quality not good), and visited few famous shopping places, went to visit the house with agents to know the prices and environment, tried many restaurants and local food, checked on the education info / school prices and courses, checked the necessity daily or monthly used product prices in Zhongshan Park Carrefour, visited two big wet markets, went to zhongshan Park, and a lot more. Really very busy for that few days in Shanghai in order to get know more about Shanghai beside a lot of meetings in the office or hotel, and I will share to my friends and post it in my blog later.


If everything ok to move, and at the time China government still block those famous websites and I can’t access to my this Google blog, then I will use the new Baidu Jasswin blog that I registered it in Shanghai Hotel last week to share my new life and experience moving forward. If I have chance to access the Google Blogger, then will copy back to this my original blog space. Now, I still can access it in my country !!! :)


As For Now! Shanghai! A Place To Work But Not For Long-Term Living! Future Not Sure!