Monday, April 5, 2010

Free Tool Funshion to Watch Movie

There are a lot of free tool to download and watch movie, TV, carton channel, etc if we don't have cable or satelite TV device install at home or the channel been blocked or need to pay extra. Recently, I use a new program to watch movie, and even the new season for 'Heroes', and it is called Funshion 风行 ( Although I do have PPStream and PPLive installed!

Funshion is kind of using torrent concept that we can watch the movie while it is still downloading from backend. If the Internet line is slow, then the movie will freeze time to time. In this case, you can let it download first then watch it later. GOOD thing is the Funshion is like browser base that allow you to look at those movie's picture, as the page is show in Chinese word. Delete the movie after watch it if you don't have enough harddisk space, just right click and select 'Remove'...

Is Funshion better than PPStream and PPLive? 
Usually the new movie will be show in PPStream or PPLive first but the quality is on compressed version, and there do have more movie, TV show, carton, etc too. Usually I use PPstream or PPLive to watch carton, TV programs, and use Funshion to watch movie as for better quality. 

Since I have 2MB ADSL Internet line at Shanghai using China Telecom, and so far using Funshion without any problem and consider very smooth like I watch from the DVD... but not sure other country...

Try Funshion! Watch Move!