Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free VPN Tool for Friends

Since move to China Shanghai for few weeks, and found that there are a lot of available tools for us to access many blocked websites from China. It really help me a lot, and today I am using this free VPN tool (飞易VPN共享器) to join the US VPN, then access to Blogger to post my 1st article after move. Thanks my friend share this great info to me.

You all can visit this website (http://www.feiyisoft.cn/pro/vpn/ ) to download this tool 飞易VPN共享器. After download, then you can find that there are a lot of countries VPN IP address that you can connect to it. If you are plan to visit some of the famous websites like (Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc), then you can choose the US IP address. The main problem for this tool is all Chinese word, and may be you need your friend help to translate for you or do some translate from Internet then..

Wow, really fast when I watch the movie from Hulu website (www.hulu.com) in Shanghai.. hahaha.. will share with you all when got other great tool.