Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is the Stock Market? 什么是股市?

小明: “妈妈,什么是股市?爸爸常说很忙在股市的号码。。好像红绿灯。。”
妈妈: “哦。。股市是让人买东西到地方,红色是最便宜的。。”
小明: “妈妈,哪我叫爸爸买很多红鸡蛋给我。。”
妈妈: “为什么?”
小明: 红鸡蛋像红色的0, 是我的最爱和最便宜的。。嘢!”
妈妈: “。。。”

Siow Meng: "Mum, what is the Stock Market? Dad always said he is busy to see the red, green, yellow color number in the Stock Market... like traffic light..."
Mum: "Oh.. Stock Market is a place for people to buy things, red color is the cheapest one ..."
Siow Meng: "Mum, later I will ask Dad buy a lot of RED EGG for me..."
Mum: "Why?"
Siow Meng: "RED EGG looks like 0, that you always give me when my Chinese Birthday. I like it the most and is the cheapest one.. Yeah!"
Mum: "..."