Friday, July 3, 2009

Penang Durian – Number One!

Penang Durian – Number One, another meaning is the Malaysia Penang Durian is the BEST one in my mind. I have tried the Durian in other countries before (Singapore, Thailand, UK), even few Malaysia’s state (Perak, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang), or imported Durian from Indonesia. But, I am not sure how the Red Durian taste like from Sarawak or Sabah yet. So far, Penang Durian still is my favorite compare to other places!

Durian is the ‘King of the Fruit’, and taste nice, especially you open and taste it immediately after it dropped from the Durian tree between 2 ~ 6 hours during Durian season. If the Durian tree is more than 50 years, then this Durian is ‘Wow’ man, Yummy Yumma. Penang always has the Durian competition and it really attract a lot of people come and try it in Durian farm, and indirectly improve the quality of Penang Durian with more 'R&D' on it. Getting better and to the best!

Durian has many ranks based on their quality, tree age, textures, color, taste and aroma. If you are looking for higher rank Durian in Penang, then you must find these few Durian name: D-11, D-600, D-604, Red Prawn, Hor Lor, Kun Poh Ang Bak, Lipan, Green Skin Ang Bak. If you have chance to visit Malaysia Penang during Durian season, then you can visit the 'Bao Sheng Durian farm' and try the Penang Durian, and at the same time to see how they maintain the Durian farm, and look at the Durian trees and flowers. Try the Durian with rice using your hand, you will love it!

Today, Durian has been used as an ingredient for many products. You can find the Durian products easily from many supermarket or store now and even export to many countries. If you have never try the real Durian fruit before, then you can start with those products like Durian cake, Durian biscuit, Durian crispy roll, Durian pudding, Durian Ice-cream, Durian chips, Durian paste, Durian dessert, Durian preserved jams, or other Durian made products first before you eat the real Durian fruit (Durian seed can’t eat). Because the Durian’s taste and aroma is kind of ‘Strong’, and is not everyone can accept it for the first time when you smell it. The Durian can be tasted like a bit ‘Sweet’, ‘Bitter’, ‘Alcohol’ or more than that, and you need to experience it by yourself. Don’t miss it if you have a chance, even you don’t like it, at least you have try the ‘King of Fruit’ - Durian in your life before!

How to choose a good Durian from the supermarket or store or Durian farm?

1. The most important thing is the Durian must be fresh and especially less than a day (due to the delivery from Durian farm). You look at the Durian stem, and make sure it is still looks like kind of ‘yellow’ or ‘green’ color and NOT the ‘black’ or ‘dark brown’ color, if without Durian stem then choose other one as you are not sure.

2. Hold the Durian tight with both hand, then shake and listen it clearly to determine the dryness and stickiness for the flesh of Durian seed. With sound mean dryness (good), and without sound mean stickiness (may not fresh).

3. Smell the Durian husk and see which one the Durian aroma is strong and smell good. If the Durian is from the age of Durian tree more than 20 years, then you can consider it.

4. Texture and size of Durian is another method to check on it. Don’t take the very BIG or SMALL one, and take the Durian thorn is very shape and not ‘fat and large’ one.

People scare to take too much Durian is because it can caused heaty for our internal body. So in traditional way, we will put a bit salt with water in Durian husk (without seed / thorn) then drink it to cold down our body, and then wash our hand with it to clear out the Durian aroma. I always follow this traditional way after I took the Durian. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: always remember don’t take the Durian with any alcohol drinks like beer, wine or whisky!

Why people like Penang Durian? Penang Durian has a ‘kick’ of its own, and it stick in your throat whole day. I like that feeling too. So if you have a meeting, please don’t eat it, the ‘burp’ is disgusting for other team members. Some people ‘burp’ purposely with their friends or family for fun and make joke on it! :)

‘When I am playing the Facebook Farmtown online flash game, I am thinking if Farmtown has the Durian tree, then I will make a Penang Durian farm then.. hahaha. :)’

Penang Durian! Our Yummy King of Fruit!