Monday, July 13, 2009

Penang Restaurant – 23 Takehana, Auto-City


23 Takehana

I want to go to restaurant and eat the ‘Green Soy Bean’. This is my daughter request during the weekend, and we know that she is mention the ‘Sushi King’. When we reached the Penang Auto-city, then see a lot of people in front of the ‘Sushi King’, then we told Jo that we need to go to other restaurant. But Jo still want the ‘Green Soy Bean’, so we are looking for another Japanese food restaurant, that is ‘23 Takehana’ which we didn’t try before and just near the ‘Sushi King’.

23 Takehana Green Soy Bean

 23 Takehana Green Soy Bean Seed

23 Takehana Steam Egg

I look at the ‘23 Takehana’ restaurant design, then I already planned to spend more than hundred dollar for the dinner. We all go into the restaurant, and feel very comfortable and beside the table has a mini TV screen with the ‘Tweety Bird and Sylvester The Cat’ cartoon. My daughter so happy to watch the cartoon and enjoy the food!

23 Takehana Mini TV

Oh, No.. The menu don’t have the ‘Green Soy Bean’ and the ‘Steam Egg’ that my daughter usually had in Japanese restaurant. So, I asked the waitress, then they have it and ordered for my daughter first. Next, we look at the menu and ordered 1 set x ‘Noodle with Egg Omelette’ (this is suitable for my daughter), 1 set x ‘Fried Pork with Onion and Egg’, and 2 x side dishes ‘Chicken Teriyaki’ and ‘Gyoza Dumpling’, and 3 x Green Tea. Although there are more than 10 tables been occupied, but we didn’t wait for too long, around less than 15 minutes.

23 Takehana Chicken Teriyaki


23 Takehana Gyoza Dumpling 

23 Takehana Fried Pork with Onion and Egg


23 Takehana Noodle with Egg Omelette

Green Soy Bean – They steam it and it is not cold compare to ‘Sushi King’.

Steam Egg – Taste sweet and good, and my daughter finished it all, and even my daughter know there is the crab meat and chicken meat in the steam egg.

Chicken Teriyaki – The chicken meat is soft and juicy with their special source on top of it. Good.

Fried Pork with Onion and Egg – A lot of Onions on top of the rice and fried pork meat with egg, you can finish it without any complaint.

Noodle with Egg Omelette – I will order it again, and even my daughter ate a lot. The soup is Yummy.

Gyoza Dumpling – Normal, and it didn’t surprise me compare to other Japanese restaurant.

23 Takehana Yummy

When I looked at the bill, 23 Takehana really surprised me, and that night our dinner was $ 71.50 including tax and service charge.

23 Takehana my bill

We usually spend around $ 70 ~ 110 for our dinner in ‘Sushi King’, and although we can’t have so many dishes or sushi for our dinner in 23 Takehana, but we really enjoy our dinner there with their good services. We will come again, 23 Takehana!

23 Takehana Design

Penang Restaurant Name: 23 Takehana (Japanese Ramen & Rice Restaurant)

Address: 1830-G1, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City, North-South Highway, Juru Interchange, 13600, Prai, Penang.

Contact Number: 604-501 4888, 604-501 4889

Fax Number: 04-501 4887



23 Takehana Food! Taste Better Than Price!

Note: I am using the Nokia 6120 mobile phone to take the photos with 2 MB camera features, so the photo quality is not as good as the digital camera with 7MB. :)