Saturday, August 8, 2009

Forex = Foreign Exchange = Currency Trading = Money

We all always see a lot of word ‘Forex’ topics or articles then ignore it, WHY? Because most of us are not really know ‘What is Forex?’ and didn’t look for more information or feel bored as related to business trading area. But actually thousands of people are doing this daily intent to make more money as this is one of the faster way in certain countries. Forex mean Foreign Exchange, is a market for currency trading where let people to buy and sell currency to make money. So make it simple is Forex = Foreign Exchange = Currency Trading. In Chinese called 外汇,是‘foreign exchange’的缩写.


Forex can make a lot of money?

To be honest, I never try before but I want to know more on Forex for my own good. As you may not know that the world’s largest trading market is Forex, with more than 3.0 trillion US dollars daily and 24 hours non-stop currency trading activities. I believe now you can imagine the opportunity here from daily Forex volume, and just VERY small piece of cake you get, then you will be rich.


How to trade Forex?

Usually the currency exchange rate is quoted in pairs, example like EUR/USD (the Euro and the US Dollar). So the currency exchange rates will be changed daily based on the economics, politic events, disaster, share market, etc. If you think that Euro currency value will increase soon against US Dollar, then you buy EUR/USD. Once Euro/USD exchange rate go up, then you sell it and make profit. Simple like exchange product as we did it all the time but without physical goods, but risk is still here!


If you want to try the Forex trading, then I advise you read and understand more and even more again on Forex or currency trading techniques, requirements, secrets, tools, forecast, rules and regulations first before jump in. This is not a simple game for everyone to play, but is an opportunity for everyone to start making money, gain profit and become rich. I will compile and update here once I get information on Forex trading!


Forex! Foreign Exchange! Currency Trading! Money!