Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proton Savvy Car Major Defects Cost You A Lot

Proton Savvy Major Defects Proton Savvy Major Defects


Malaysia Proton Savvy car has one major defect that will cost you a lot of money. I have changed the Proto Savvy car spare parts for 7th times (three time very expensive one) just less than 4 years. The 3 expensive one are end of last year - 1st one $800 (Ignition part due to car jerking), last 3 months - 2nd one $400 (Exhaust pipe broken, funny, they can’t give me any answer), 3rd one $1300 (Ignition part again + another 2 parts) yesterday. Total I have spent more than $3000 to change the Proton Savvy car spare parts less than 4 years and NOT including the normal car maintenance services, car tyre, car oil, etc.

People said Proton Savvy car good as not a ‘petrol-hungry’ car, but how much you can save for a year? Even you save $200 petrol a year, still not enough for you to pay for the spare parts.

I am so disappointed as below conversation yesterday in Proton Service Center.

I told the Proton Service Advisor that my car jerking, then he ask me is it Proton Savvy before I said anything. Then I said yes and ask him know anything or any ideas, then he said ‘Don’t know, need to check first’. Actually, I already know this is the same symptom for the 1st time I changed the Ignition part end of last year. Why his face look so funny when look at me and answer no idea and not sure.. be honest please!.. Once I have chance to get a new car.. Proton.. bye bye!

Before I paid, then i asked any warranty for the new spare parts? Yes (not including the cable or spark plug), warranty is 6 months or less than 10K km, but ask me check my spark plug every 20K or less than 50K km, and if got problem, then.. I think another $800 at least again.. Oh man..

I want to put in my blog here so that we can share the true story for everyone, and you can compare and decide before you spend for $40K and above to get a new car. This is not $1000 or $5000 products, and it is really related to your safety when you are on the road as well. Insurance won’t help you much when critical case happen to you, is too late friend.


Defects logged in Proton service center yesterday:-

  1. Engine jerking while driving or acceleration
  2. Engine hard to starting

Below are the Proton Savvy spare parts been changes yesterday without labour charges yet. Oh my god! They told me change spark plug won’t solve the problem, and have to change the whole set including Ignition part and he did show me to prove it..

Description Quantity Amount
8200702693 – Proton – Ignition Coil 1 356.00
8200713680 – Proton – Ignition Harness 1 309.26
8200673202 – Proton – Shunt Cable 1 258.25
8200643171 – Proton – Engine Speed Magnetic Sensor 1 86.68
8200030765 – Proton – Spark Plug 4 91.64
161W1135 – Go Remove Refit 1 Ignition Coil 0.300 ZH 15.00
54833110 – Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement 0.800 ZH 40.00


If you are looking for the same range of car, then I advise you to compare few more car models first before decide it. I won’t advise anyone I know to get Proto Savvy any more. I told my friend on this, then they said Perodua better than Proton, and ask me to get Perodua if look for local made car!


Proton Savvy Owner! Get Ready To Spend It!