Sunday, September 27, 2009

6.4兆禮券怎賠?HOLA買單恐倒店 (64 Hundred Million Vouchers? HOLA Possible Bankrupt)





消基會認為,如果業者HOLA最後沒辦法舉證自己是受害者,就必須對下單者負責。消基會董事長謝天仁:「像戴爾這個事件裡面,不只人家會認為,用這個(標錯價)事件在炒作,甚至於有人在懷疑,用這樣的方式得到消費者資料,來達到它促銷的相關目的。」 消基會提醒,消費者如果只下1張單、買1張HOLA禮券,被保障的機會相對變高,如果惡意大量下單,想利用網站疏漏獲利,恐怕只會等到一場空。



Another case happen again after Dell, that HOLA website released 64 hundred million electronic vouchers (thousand dollar) for their customers. They said that possible attached by Hacker, but don’t have any prove yet. Dell has to discount 20% for those products for whole year due to the wrong pricing listed in the Internet, so this time we are not sure how HOLA to handle it. If HOLA need to pay all the vouchers, then HOLA might bankrupt as the total asset of HOLA not enough to pay 6.4 trillion dollar (Unihan Definition for Taiwan). WOW!

If HOLA not able to prove that is not their mistake, then they have to provide a solution for their customers. Even they follow the Dell method to provide 20% discount, or give the minimum voucher or coupon (hundred dollar), then with 11 x HOLA shops still not able to pay to their customers with 64 hundred million vouchers.

If HOLA bankrupt, then it will impact to thousand workers and their suppliers seriously, especially during slow economic market. Oh man!

This is show that we really need to be careful if doing the Internet online business, and this is one the serious example from Dell and HOLA. The leak of Internet security will cause our business loss million of dollar, or even in worse situation then may ‘close shop’. So, IT play a very important role in this modern day, and without IT with the latest technologies and strategies, then you will not able to compete with your competitors. Not sure Insurance can cover or not? Possible is a good opportunity for Insurance company!


64 Hundred Million HOLA Electronic Vouchers! Lets see how HOLA resolve it!