Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Nokia Booklet 3G Mini Laptops with Windows 7

Nokia Booklet 3G

Wow, after Nokia enter to mobile world for more than 20 years, and now Nokia start release the first Nokia Booklet 3G (Mini Laptops or Netbooks) with Microsoft Windows 7 into Personal Computer world in year 2009. This is another change for Nokia again, as Nokia introduced the first handheld phone (Mobira Cityman 900) on year 1987, and now year 2009 Nokia release first mini laptops (Netbooks) to cover the PC market with latest computer trends.


Nokia Booklet 3G Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G


Nokia Booklet 3G


Nokia will make a new success history again based on the Nokia previous company profile with all the success stories using technologies, marketing strategies and strong customers relationship.

I am wondering why Nokia start to involve in personal computer business? It come out many questions in my mind, and really want to know how the Nokia management or leadership think, what is their business strategy, and how Nokia compete with other PC market leaders like (Dell, HP, Acer, Apple, IBM, ASUS, etc)?

With the ODM business model, and I think Nokia will outsource it to ODM to build and ship to their third party logistic hubs or retail stores, then sell to customers directly. As this is the fastest way to build and release the new and latest PC without setup additional productions line or factories with huge costs and resources. May be Nokia will not step into customize computer spec services till they have all the resources and technologies in place. Another point is Nokia really care for their employees as they create more opportunities for them to move to new roles without retrain too many people during this slow or bad economic market.

No matter how, the Mini Laptops or Netbooks won’t replace our daily used mobile phone, and impossible for us to carry the Mini Laptops or Netbooks to make or receive call daily 24 hours. Um, I should not say is ‘impossible’! we should invent the new technology by combination with mobile phone and laptops to a new device that we can carry it everyday, example a small device with hologram technology for us to use it like phone, computer, music player, payment services and health infrared indicator, or more. If have chance, really want to join this program to make it happen!

Just a joke, imagine you see a lot of people in the coffee shops carry the different colors of Mini Laptops or Netbooks near their face and talk to other parties using both hands! :)


Nokia Booklet 3G! Your Left Right Hand!