Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flirting Tactics In The Office or At Work


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PLEASE DON’T miss understanding the ‘flirting tactics in the office or at work’ topic, and the flirting tactics here has nothing related to any sex or seduction. :) It more on a better way for courting work relationships and play a better role even if involved in office politic.

You will always notice that someone is incredibly popular and successful, and a lot of people like to work or talk to her most of the time. You know what is the her secret to make everyone in the office feel great? lets look at below few things she will do usually..

  • She will notice If you had your hair trimmed
  • She will be the first one to say how fabulous your looks if you wear on a new suit
  • She will ask you need any help if you looks stressed
  • She is the woman colleagues like and bosses respect

She is doing great on ‘work flirting’ tactics in the office and clever to act naturally to make everyone happy, feel liked, appreciated, attractive and respect her without ‘cross the line’. Many people agreed that those specialize in work relationships like flirting and schmoozing are the fundamental to career success, but have to know how you act it accordingly to be a good networkers (especially through body language). DON’T be the one loaded with sexuality!

You want to improve your relationship and they will like you and think well of you, then lets understand below few points and turn into your own skill in your life.

What you can do (flirting tactics):-

  • Be careful on the distance between you and other, and try to step back if you are not feel comfortable.
  • Try to make eye contact with people at least 5 seconds when you talk to them. You will be more aggressive and intimidating if longer.
  • Copy other body language if someone glances fleetingly at you, and follow suit if they make a lot of eye contact to you.
  • If in the group meeting, then you have to make eye contact with everyone, and not just the smiling, nodding type. Try to focus on those looking tired or bored, then you will be appear confident and keen for them to understand what you try to message to them.
  • Pay attention, and especially a work flirt listens to people.
  • Wish them well or drop off a card for your colleagues birthdays.
  • Not always discuss in business or work issues, and sometime can ask like ‘how was your dinner or weekend?’ to be more appropriate in social.
  • Write thank you note and is a great way to let people feel noticed.
  • Always stay in touch with your former bosses or ex-colleagues to build a network and it will help your career one day.
  • Need to respect other opinions, suggestions, comments and values.
  • Always give other a chance to express their views.
  • Have to be constructively confront other people over difficult issues.

What you better don’t (flirting tactics):-

  • Sound insincere if you give two or more colleagues exactly the same compliment.
  • Look intimidating and cocky if you stand or sit too close to your senior.
  • Too eager to please if you smile excessively, but men is different as look more warm and friendly.
  • Look silly if you call your co-workers by pet names.
  • Feel bad by other if you use flirting (you know what I mean here) to get your way at the negotiating table.
  • Not good if you lose your temper frequently.
  • No respect if you make jokes at inappropriate times.
  • Very bad impression if you always belittle others or flatter others insincerely.

The last important flirting tactic is ‘No Sex’, and try to have a sharp eye and proper body language to make other feel good about themselves and praise them sincerely.This is not only applicable to women, even suitable for men too. Always ask yourself about your social activities before sleep at night, and improve it in next day! People Happy, You Happy! :)



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