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Suffer from Sexual Dysfunctions (Impotence or Loss of Sexual Power)?

“Before I write this topic (Suffer from Sexual Dysfunctions due to Impotence or Loss of Sexual Power), and not sure how other people will think of it. But actually, this is very common topic and most of the people talk about this all the time and seek for a solution or better way to improve it. Lets me share with you that what I found (an article from Shri H.K. Bakhru) and if you feel that is a good info, then you can share with your partner, friends and family. ”

Sexual Dysfunctions

Sex activity, it mostly demands complete concentration and relaxation. Usually, it can’t be performed in haste and tension situation, and that why getting more people suffer from sexual dysfunctions today, and most of the common male sexual dysfunction is impotence or loss of sexual power.

What is the symptoms for sexual impotence?

Sexual Impotence considers three forms:-

  1. When the man’s erectile dysfunction is there from the very beginning of sexual activity and can’t have an erection.
  2. Man can normally attain and erection but fails on one or more occasions in between normal sex activity.
  3. This is associated with age and is a continuous and serious form with poor prognosis.


Why cause the sexual impotence?

We know that erection is the result of erotic excitement, intact nervous pathways and adequate hormonal functioning. So the pathological causes of impotence are numerous.

  • Psychological illness such as depression, which lowers both sexual drive and erectile function, tiredness, alcohol abuse, the therapeutic use of oestrogens, paralysis of parasympathetic nerves by drugs or permanent damage to them and diabetes.
  • Abuse or misuse of the sexual organism over a long period and a devitalised condition of the system in general.
  • The apprehension created by failure which generate a good deal of anxiety for the next time round regarding the likelihood of failure.
  • Intercourse is attempted again and the same failure results, then a vicious circle is established.
  • Anxiety of failure is established as an anticipatory reflex which in turn impairs the capacity of the penis.


How treatment help for the sexual impotence?

You need to know that take the drugs or so called ‘remedies’ is not only useless but dangerous. Diet is one of the major factor in these situation.

First, you should adopt an exclusive fresh fruit diet from 5 ~ 7 days. In this regimen, you can have three meals a day (5 hours intervals), of fresh juicy fruits such as grapes, oranges, apples, pears, peaches, pineapple and melon. During this period, the bowels should be cleansed daily with a warm water enema.

After the all-fruit diet, you need to embark upon a balanced diet of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits, with generous use of special rejuvenates food such as whey, soured milks (especially goat’s milk), millet, garlic, honey, cold-pressed vegetable oils and brewer’s yeast. You must avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee, and all processed, canned, refined and denatured foods, and especially white sugar and white flour made products.

Garlic – Is a natural and harmless aphrodisiac, and a tonic for loss of sexual power from any cause and for sexual debility and impotence resulting from sexual over-indulgence and nervous exhaustion.

Onion – It increase libido and strengthens the reproductory organs. Especially the white variety of onion.

Carrot – Is it useful in impotence and for the better result, the carrot should be taken with a half-boiled egg dipped in a tablespoonful of honey once daily for a month or two. This recipe increase sex stamina by releasing sex hormones and strengthens the sexual plexus.

Lady’s Finger – It will improve the sexual vigour. If you can take 5 ~ 10 grms of root powder of this vegetable with milk and ‘misri’ daily then you will never lose sexual vigour.

Dried Dates – Known as chhuhara in the vernacular. Founded and mixed with almonds, pistachio nuts and quice seeds, it will form an effective remedy for increasing sexual power.

Black Raisins – It is good for restoration of sexual vigour. You can boiled the black raisin with milk after washing them thoroughly in tepid water. Eating of such raisins should be followed by the use of milk.

Actually, a vigorous massage all over the body is highly beneficial in the treatment of sexual impotence as it will revive the muscular vigour which is essential for nervous energy. So a cold hip bath for 10 minutes in the morning or evening will be very effective.

You need to have outdoor exercise with fresh air twice a week to help the success of the treatment for sexual impotence. Yogasanas such as dhanurasana, sarvangasana and halasana are also highly beneficial.

So, the above treatment methods will go a long way in restoring sexual vigour, but of cause the results achieved will depend upon the age and condition of the sufferer. You should get advise from a qualified psychotherapist if too serious and get their professional advise. No worry! Lets do it!


Other Related Info:-

Cold hip bath (refer to

The water temperature should be 100C to 180C. The duration of the bath is usually 10 minutes, but in specific conditions it may vary from one minute to 30 minutes. If the patient feels cold or is very weak, a hot foot immersion should be given with the cold hip bath.

The patient should rub the abdomen briskly from the navel downwards and across the body with a moderately coarse wet cloth. The legs, feet and upper part of the body should remain completely dry during and after the bath. The patient should undertake moderate exercise like yogasanas, after the cold hip bath, to warm the body.

A cold hip bath is a routine treatment in most diseases. It relieves constipation, indigestion, obesity and helps the eliminative organs to function properly. It is also helpful in uterine problems like irregular menstruation, chronic uterine infections, pelvic inflammation, piles, hepatic congestion, chronic congestion of the prostate gland, seminal weakness, impotency, sterility, uterine and ovarian displacements, dilation of the stomach and colon, diarrhoea, dysentery, hemorrhage of the bladder and so on. The cold hip bath should not be employed in acute inflammations of the pelvic and abdominal organs, ovaries and in painful contractions of the bladder, rectum or vagina.


How to make ‘Mava Misri’?

Mava Misri
1 litre - whole milk
10 gm - ghee
250 gm - condensed milk
50 gm - sliced almonds
50 gm - sugar
50 gm - cardamom powder
50 gm - crystal sugar
For Garnish :
2 sheets - silver leaf

Grease a pan with ghee, pour in the milk and bring to a boil.
Stir the milk occasionally until reduced to half its original quantity.
Add the condensed milk and cook, stirring constantly to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.
Cook until reduced to quarter of its original quantity, add almonds, cardamom and sugar.
Cook for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow it to cool.
Add the crystal sugar and mix thoroughly.
Refrigerate and serve garnished with silver leaf.



Sexual Impotence! Treatment Make Better!