Friday, October 2, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival 2009 with Great Moon Cake & Lantern


Moon Cake

Tomorrow (3/Oct/2009) is Mid-Autumn festival 2009 (中秋節 2009), and there are a lot of people start gather together tonight to have a pre Mid-Autumn festival party to eat and taste the different type of moon cakes, and children will play the lanterns then walk around their house. Actually, we are having the great moon cake (just received it from China Beijing) & play the lanterns now, and at the same time we celebrate birthday for our niece. :)

Moon Cake Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) is a big day for China, and most of the companies and government departments off from 1/Oct/2009 ~ 8/Oct/2009 as holidays, and there have great celebration like moon cake competition, lantern competition, etc in different area and cities. My friends from Xiamen told me that Moon Festival is more important than Chinese New Year, and that why they do have long holidays. Usually they will gather within these few days for below activities.

  • Eat different type of moon cakes
  • Chit chat with their family and friends outside under the moon
  • Play lanterns and light up the candles around their house
  • Some people will try the floating sky lanterns
  • Tell the ‘Chang E’ (嫦娥) story to their children
  • Visit temples

Same as Penang Autocity, tomorrow there will have a lantern show and celebration (may have lantern competition as well) from around 7pm ~ 11:30pm. So, we plan to have our dinner at Sushi King, then visit the show to get free lantern for our children to play, at the same time they can see various type of lantern design and enjoy the show over there. You can bring your family and friend there to enjoy the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival!





Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2009! Lets Enjoy Moon Cake and Play Lantern!