Sunday, April 19, 2009

Simple Tips To Save Money

Here are some fuss-free ways to save your money, and especially getting more people worried about the economic slowdown.

- Car pool whenever possible, you will see after a month and keep more money

- Use the fan rather than air-conditioner, you will notice it you save more money when the bill come

- Divide the housework without a maid, because the maid cost you a lot of money

- Pack food from home

- Have weekend cookouts

- Leave your credit card at home and stick to cash, and make a shopping list

- Keep track of all claimable expenses

- Each time reward yourself by putting $10 into 'Reward Box' or 'Piggy Bank'

- Filling petrol in the morning and full-tank of petrol to save additional trip

- Get a part-time job, or build an online business (i.e PayPal) with minimum / zero cost

- Pay bills online

- Ask for a discount, or get a membership card where can get discount, gifts and special promotion

- The latest may not be the best (check with friend or Internet sources before buying a new things)

- Try it before you buy it (i.e. Clothes)

- Plan your appointments during off-peak times and slot in few at the same area on one day

- Pay off your mortgage faster

- Separate your banks accounts for savings, bills , and daily expenses

- Buy, don't rent property if capable

- Get an investment-linked insurance policy

- Buy in bulk (i.e. milk powder) and make sure store perishable goods carefully

- Look out for cheap airfares and may consider to take a connecting flight with planned right season

- Don't use your mobile unless necessary when travel

- Exercise regularly and have a healthy diet

- Plan an amount to save each day, and stick to it. When you earn more, increase your savings too

You can get a financial adviser to provide you a detail plan based on your situation.