Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home - How Safe?

When it comes to safety at home, especially who are not stay in a protected zone. There are plenty of things that you can do and it may minimize the opportunity of someone entering your home.

Idea 1: Remember to lock your doors and windows
The most important keep the door locked even you're at home. Don't presume that daylight means you're at less risk.

Idea 2: Keep valuables out of view of glass
This is to reducing motivation for offenders to commit crime.

Idea 3: Set the emergency numbers on speed dial
It can save time when you hear an intruder in the house.

Idea 4: Don't make safety presumptions
If you're in a group house, don't presume that friends of friends can be trusted. Lock your own bathroom or bedroom when are not around.

Idea 5: Try to avoid confronting an intruder
If you're think someone is in your house, don' go in alone. You can go to a neighbor's house or call the police.

Idea 6: Put the locks on your mailbox
A stranger can learn your name from your letters.

Idea 7: Change your facebook or public online content
Don't forget to keep security in mind even on the Internet and don't give out too much personal information.

Idea 8: Don't let strangers in
The bottom line is that you should never let a stranger in your house. Even a stranger says their car has broken down, then tell them you will call someone to come help but don't let them in.

In short, you need to be safety conscious whether you're leaving from somewhere at night and on the way home. If a stranger is threatening your safety and you can see you'll have trouble getting a way, try to stun the stranger before making a run and scream 'Help, it's on fire!".