Friday, May 29, 2009

6 Commons Driving Mistakes

People always think that they are safe driver. But most of the time, we tend to blame the other driver, but before we do, PLEASE first consider if you find yourself guilty of the below 6 commons mistakes:-

1. Ignoring Wet Roads
30kmph on a wet road - mean you have semi-contact with the road.
> 50kmph on a web road - mean you are only in contact with the water molecules on the surface.
If the roads get wet after a long dry spell, they are even more slippery as the build-up of oil and grease floats to the surface with the rainwater.

2. Not Wearing Rear Seat Belts
Always buckle up your seat belt as it will decrease the risks of death or injury by 50 ~ 60 percent. Most of the cases in an accident, back-seat passengers can fly forward through the windscreen, injuring themselves, and the people in the front seats.

3. Forgetting to Wear Your Glasses
A driver's vision should be no less than 20/20, either with or without eyesight aids. So, if you wear glasses, but find you often forget them, then lets consider getting a spare pair to leave in your car glove compartment.

4. Saving Petrol by Shifting into Neutral Going Down a Hill
If your engine stalls on a downhill slope, you are in big trouble. Your brakes will fail (It need the engine running to function properly). So don't bother risking your life just to save a bit of money.

5. Relaxing when Close to Your Destination
A lot of cases happen close to home - possibly because we tend to 'relax' near places we know well. But, it may have someone who is not so familiar with the roads around your destination.

6. Not Checking Your Lights
We never look at our car on the road, which mean we are often the last to know when a signal lamp is not working, or when the rear brake lights need replacing. Lets check our vehicle from the outside often, this will go a long way in ensuring your safety when on the road.

* Be SMART and CONSIDERATE, you can reduce the risk of road accidents :)