Monday, June 29, 2009

Himalayan Salt Lamp Cure Asthma?

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp really can help our health? But I just bought it yesterday night in Pasar Malam (Night Market). When I passed thru one of the store, then the Crystal Lamp on the store table attract my eye, and suddenly I feel like want to buy it.

The salesman explain a lot of benefits, show me the newspaper for this Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp, and even he said that "It can cure Asthma, you can find it from Yahoo!" on how good for using the Himalayan Salt Lamp. I try to stop the Salesman and just paid him with discount prices on only $35. I bought the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is because I need a lamp to put in the bedroom during night time. Once I reached home, then put in on the bedroom table and close all the light. Wow.. is beautiful, all of us love it so much. :)

Next, I start want to know Himalayan Salt really can help our health and cure Asthma. So I did some research on it and found some info. Lets share with you below, but is depend you believe it or not.

One of the important criteria to cure the Asthma is the environment, and people who has the asthma need to have a clean and flesh air with full of pure energy. Himalayan salt crystal lamp able to neutralize the positive and negative ions and generate a special magnetic frequency to purify the air and benefit to our health as it has more than 80 elements for our body needs.

- Improve the bone strength
- Get a strong pH balance for your cells, especially for brain cells
- Improve your body water content
- Easy get sleep and less snoring
- Generate the hydroelectric energy for each body cells
- Reduce the aging process
- Balance your blood sugar level
- Neutralize smoke environment
- Reduce the radiation
- Minimize fatigue
- Promoting respiratory and sinus health
- Not cause the high blood pressure
- Reduce the indoor air pollutants
- Enhance our immune system
- Improve mind concentration
- Minimize susceptibility to colds or flue
- Improve lung capacity
- Remove asthma attacks
- Relief from migraine headaches and hay fever

Some basic instructions to use the Himalayan Salt Lamp:
- Used in indoor, not outdoor
- Keep away from the water
- If is wet then turn on light to dry it
- No use then keep it in plastic beg and store in moisture-free place
- Put a plate at the bottom to keep the salt

I am thinking that if this is really can cure Asthma, or even NO but can get it better, then I believe Himalayan Salt Lamp can help to improve our overall health. Get our body feel 'Happy', then everything will get well, no matter is our life or relationship. Be Happy, No Worry!

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A Gift for Air! A Gift for Health!