Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Blog Writer - Windows Live Writer 2009 for Blogger

This few days, I tested few famous Internet Web Browsers in order to find a GOOD and FASTEST Internet Browser to view the multiple English / Chinese websites, play Facebook online flash game, access office used application in Java or .Net platform, and one of the important is able to give me full of features to write my Blogger Jasswin’s Blog. I found that Google Chrome 2 allow me to press the ‘Tab’ function, Safari 4 allow me to ‘Underline’ the word, and Firefox 3.5 allow me to ‘Resize’ the pictures. Don’t have ONE Internet browser allow me to perform all the Blog functions, but free blog writer -‘Windows Live Write 2009’ can. Wow!

I talked to my friend today, then she told me a free blog writer tool ‘Windows Live Writer 2009’ allow me to write the blog and post to Blogger. It has above functions that I needed, like ‘Tab’, ‘Underline’, and ‘Resize’. It NOT a MUST to have an Internet browser to write a blog, and we can write a blog in our notebook first as draft version till complete then only publish to web to Blogger, or even you can save the drafted blog to Blogger first without publish it. BUT, if you are using public computer or your friend’s notebook without ‘Windows Live Writer 2009’ then you still can use your preferred fastest Internet browser to write or edit or delete the blog. “Safari 4 has a ‘Private Browsing’ feature that you can do anything safely in public computer or other notebook.”

1. You can download the Windows Live Writer 2009 from this download link, and the setup file (wlsetup-web.exe) size is around 1.1MB.

2. During Windows Live Writer 2009 installation, it will prompt you to choose the programs that you want to install. For me, I only choose the ‘Writer’ and ‘Photo Gallery’, as I just want to try the free blog writer for Blogger first. Because if you want to install other programs, then you just need to run the setup file again.

3. It will take sometime to download from Windows Live Site and install those programs in backend and this is transparent to us.

4. Once you done the installation, then you can run the Windows Live Writer 2009 and setup your own profile. You choose the ‘Other blog service’ then type your Blogger URL (i.e., username (your blogger login account name) and the password (your Blogger login password).

5. You can start explore the features for Windows Live Writer 2009, and download your existing blogs from Blogger and edit it later.

After I try play around the Windows Live Writer 2009, then I start like this free tool. So, I write this topic ‘Free Blog Writer - Windows Live Writer 2009 for Blogger’ and make sure those features I needed is tested ok. I put the ‘Tap’ for those installation steps, then I ‘Underline’ the important words and I ‘Resize’ the uploaded pictures.

You need to login into Picasa Web Album and open the Windows Live Writer at the same time, then you insert the photo from file into your post. Once complete your post, then publish it to Blogger. You can download the Picasa 3 tool to manage your pictures and even can view / edit your photo.

If you get the error when add the pictures into Windows Live Writer and post to the Blogger, then you can refer to below another two methods. This is because the Windows Live Writer is not link to Picasa Web Albums properly. * Actually if you are using the Internet browser to write the blog, each time you upload the picture into your Blogger blog, it will save into Picasa Web Albums automatically.

1. You need to upload the pictures to the Picasa Web Albums and share it first, then copy the link back to the Windows Live Writer posts using ‘Insert Picture – From Web’ or paste the embed code into ‘Source’ page method. After that, you can resize the picture on your post in Windows Live Writer then publish to Blogger. My friend is using this method.

Picasa Photo Link

2. I am using this method if I have problem. I will type all my blog in Windows Live Writer first, then I post draft to blog. I use the Firefox to edit this specific blog and upload all the pictures related to this post and click ‘save now’ in the Internet browser. After that, I open the post from my blog using Windows Live Writer to complete other steps (font format, spelling checking, pictures resize or movement, etc) till I satisfy then ‘publish’ it to Blogger. I am using this method is because I want to compare the result in Internet browser and Windows Live Writer is it the same, especially the paragraph. Free is not mean perfect!

Even I found that this tool allow me to put the blog ping url for ping servers in the ‘Options’ –‘Ping Servers’. Something like submit the Blogger atom.xml to Internet Search Engine that I wrote before ‘Submit Blogger Full XML Sitemap to Internet Search Engine’.

Example you can put this URL ‘’ into ‘Ping Servers’ box as below screen capture. (You need to change to your own Blogger URL)

Below is the list of 176 ping service url that you can put into Windows Live Writer’s ‘Ping Servers’ to help to perform the ping blog function for your Blogger blog:-

The 'Windows Live Writer 2009’ is not only support Blogger service, it support the other blog service like WordPress, TypePad, Windows Live, Live Journal, etc.

You can refer to Windows Live Writer Zone for more Windows Live Writer 2009 information.

Free Blog Writer! Free Blog Style!