Friday, June 19, 2009

I am sick mummy

One morning my little precious woke up and as usual I'll get her, her milk.
Then after finish her milk I said, come on get up and go take your bath.

Little Precious: Mummy I'm sick
Me: Where pain? Tummy? Leg? Hand? Where? (mummy panic already)
Little Precious: My throat pain mummy. I want to see Doctor Tan.
Me: Jasswin we better take her see Doctor.
*Then my head suddenly ^ping ping^*

I was thinking if her throat pain then how can she finish her milk?
So i ask her if your throat pain how can you finish your milk?
She just chuckle. 低声轻笑。。

So she was thinking if she told me is sick then she don't have to go to school!!!
End up she still need to go to school.