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Facebook Pet Society Tips and Tricks

Facebook Pet Society game is a very famous online computer flash game developed by Playfish who develop the Restaurant City as well. You can always spend your time with your Pet in Pet Society game. You not need to worry about your pet will be dead or run away if you didn't take care him/her, as this is in the virtual world where you can play with your pet anytime anywhere in Pet Society game once you have the Internet access with your laptop or mobile phone.

One of the key point to play the Pet Society game is try to gain coins as much as you can. Just like our real world, if you want to give your pet has a great life and make a beautiful house with a lot of good quality furniture, bed room, enjoyable play room, flowery garden, computer room, study room, etc, then you need to earn a lot of money. EVERYTHING is MONEY! Same as Pet Society game.

This Pet Society game will never end.. WHY? Because time to time (almost weekly), Pet Society game will introduce the new items, foods, furniture, clothes, ... EVEN every special day (i.e. Father's Day) will have the unique for you to buy it in the store. :)

Is it very difficult to play the Pet Society game? No, VERY simple, you just need to monitor your pet in 3 main areas, Health / Happiness / Hygiene.

Health - Eating or Drinking
Happiness - Stroking, Brushing, Playing Game
Hygiene - Washing using SOAP

Some Pet Society Tips and Tricks:-

1. You can get coins and experience when you washing your pet using soap and then brushing him or her in Pet Society game. If not, you can see your pet with flies around. DIRTY!!!
If you have bathtub, then you can see how your pet take bath with shower, very funny.

2. Play the ball with your pet, and try to hit as much as you can, because you will gain more money and experience in Pet Society to increase your levels. I can hit the ball at 47 times now! NEXT, i will try to hit 50 times to get the trophy...

3. Usually, you not need to buy the expensive food to feed your pet. You need to keep the money to buy other items to decorate the house, dress your pet with latest fashion, etc.

4. You can run and hit the trees around the house to get extra coins like bonus for you to buy food for your pet. Even you click on the shit, you will gain the coin too.

5. You MUST bring your pet to visit your friend's pet and let them to play together in Pet Society game. THIS is the best way to earn a lot of coins and experience in Pet Society without pay out your extra coins. After play with them, then you can check your friend's pet Hygiene or Happiness, and do washing or brushing to your friend's pet to gain extra coins too.

Dance - 5 exp with 20 coins
Hug - 5 exp with 20 coins
Tell Joke - 5 exp with 20 coins
Kiss - 5 exp with 20 coins
Fight - 5 exp with 20 coins
Watch TV - 5 exp with 20 coins

Washing for your friend's pet as below example:-
Hygiene 80% - 6 exp with 3 coins

6. You can buy the Flower seeds, Tree seeds and Vegetable seeds to gain the experience and speed up your level. Remember to plow and plant the seeds in your Pet Society garden.

Flower seeds - It take around 24 hours to grow and has different color. You can pull it out from the ground then decorate your house with the vase. 8 exp for 200 coins

Tree seeds - It take 72 hours to grow and later you can get the fruit for your pet, or send it as a gift to your friend or even you can sell it for more money in Pet Society. 20 exp for 500 coins. You may get the Cupcake or Banana after few days.

Vegetable seeds - It may grow bigger and bigger till 9 days. You can get more money if the vegetable size is bigger, but take note the vegetable will be rotted away if leave it in the ground for too long. 4 exp 100 coins.

7. You can sell your thing to a 'cash machine' in your chest, just drag and drop to cash machine and check the price first. If you satisfy the price, then you can sell it to gain more coins in Pet Society game.

Below items you can sell:-
Homegrown White Lily - 208 coins

Gigantic Homegrown Cabbage - 291 coins
Large Homegrown Cabbage - 241 coins
Large Homegrown Carrot - 241 coins
Large Homegrown Sweetheart Root - 313 coins
Gigantic Homegrown Sweetheart Root - 378 coins
Large Homegrown Turnip - 241 coins
Homegrown Luscious Lip Turnip - 230 coins
Homegrown Sunflower - 208 coins
Homegrown Banana - 65 coins
Homegrown Cupcake - 85 coins
Gigantic Homegrown Beetroot - 291 coins
Very Large Homegrown Cabbage - 265 coins
Gigantic Homegrown Carrot - 291 coins
Gigantic Homegrown Turnip - 291 coins
Above Average Homegrown Carrot – 201 coins
Rotten Vegetable - 1 coins

Some items you can not sell:-
Skipping Rope

8. When you harvest your vegetable or flowers, you will get the experience from 1 to 50, and even you can get the food (example Banana) from the Tree. Save your money to buy food now.

9. You always can get the NEW mysterious items from the BLUE and GOLD mystery boxes. If you get something that you don’t like then you can sell it and buy the mystery box for another item again.


Pet Society Fishing

10. NEW in July 2009! Pet Society can let you fishing now. You will receive the fishing rod in the chest box once you open the newsletter. You just need to bring the fishing rod and some food as your bait, then you can fish as much as you can. You need to go out from your house then the fishing pond just beside your house.

  • I notice that we need to buy the more expensive food (cost 80 and above or homegrown vegetable, example cupcake) as your bait in order to catch the more beautiful fish from below chart. As I used the apple and get the fish bone, but I sometime use the pear and caught Frontosa fish.
  • Fishing technique - You don’t click on your body to reel the fish when the fish is struggling (water come out), if not the fish will escape with your bait. Click your body when the fishing rod back to normal, but don’t wait too long.
  • You can buy the aquarium from the Garden, and keep your fish, shrimp, starfish, and etc, you can refer to below fishing chart.
  • You can sell your fish (not all) for 4 coins but you can't send as a gift now. You can recycle it to get the 10 recycle points and later you can cash out or you can gain the 10 experience points using different bait to get the different fish. For me, I will keep and deco my house then.
Pet Society Garden - Aquarium Pet Society Fishing - Shrimp Pet Society Fishing Bait Pet Society Fishing Now Pet Society Fishing Pond Pet Society Fishing - Starfish
Fishing possibility result chart:-
Food Cost Rod Fishing
Apple 5 Twig Rod Fish Bone, Seaweed, Broken Pot, Shrimp
Onion 5 Twig Rod Green Discus, Fish Bone
Pear 5 Twig Rod Frontosa, Empty Bottle
Strawberry 6 Twig Rod Conch Shell, Paddlefish
Cauliflower 7 Twig Rod Soda Can
Carrot 7 Twig Rod Sardine
Biscotti 8 Twig Rod Sea Urchin
Coconut Half 10 Twig Rod Broken Pot
Cheese 10 Twig Rod Broken Pot
Pumpkin 12 Twig Rod Sea Star Baby Doll
Hot Dog 15 Twig Rod Coral
Meatball 15 Twig Rod Shrimp, Message in a bottle
Croissant 15 Twig Rod Bluegill
Pizza Slide 20 Twig Rod Conch Shell
Salami 20 Twig Rod Sea Urchin
Rare Steak 30 Twig Rod Silver Arowana, Seaweed
Pasteis De Belem 30 Twig Rod Bike Wheel
Popcorn 40 Twig Rod Frontosa
Watermelon 50 Twig Rod Seaweed, Fish Bone
Espresso 50 Twig Rod Coral
Hamburger 60 Twig Rod Silver Arowana, Blowfish
Ais Kacang 60 Twig Rod Soda Can
Coconut Juice 60 Twig Rod Old Boot
Apple Pie 70 Twig Rod Broken Pot
Donut 75 Twig Rod Starfish, Donut fish, Blowfish
Pink Donut 75 Twig Rod Lovefish
Cupcake 80 Twig Rod Altum Angelfish, Squid, Silver Arowana, Dogfish, Blue Ram
Maple Syrup 80 Twig Rod Paddlefish
Bone 100 Twig Rod Starfish
Whole Pizza 120 Twig Rod Squid
Chocolate Party Cake 150 Twig Rod Sardine
Pet Birthday Cake 300 Twig Rod Octopus
Homegrown Banana
Twig Rod
Squid, Shrimp, Paddlefish, Bananafish
Homegrown Cupcake 85 Twig Rod Squid, Octopus, Carp, Clownfish
Above Average Homegrown Carrot 201 Twig Rod Octopus
Homegrown Luscious Lip Turnip 230 Twig Rod Blue Ram, Flounder
(caught 1 crab)
5 Twig Rod I use the same bait and get it in Sequence:-
Fish Bone, Empty Bottle, Seaweed; Crab;Starfish;Message in a bottle;Starfish;Conch Shell;Coral;Broken Pot;Conch Shell;Empty Bottle;Message in a bottle;Conch Shell;Sea Star Baby Doll;Seaweed;Old Boot;Message in a bottle
(caught 1 fish)
20 Twig Rod I use the same bait and get it in Sequence:-
Empty Bottle, Starfish, Coral;Starfish;Soda Can;Bike Wheel;Coral;Coral;Bike Wheel;Clownfish;
Rare Steak
(caught 3 fishes)
30 Twig Rod I use the same bait and get it in Sequence:-
Conch Shell,Bluegill,Empty Bottle,Fish Bones,Bluegill,Fish Bones,Seaweed,Bike Wheel,Paddlefish,Bike Wheel,Altum Angelfish
11. You may find that if you have a lot of friends play the Pet Society game, then you will be able to visit a lot of friend’s pet to dance or tell joke or perform any activities with them to gain more experiences. But, what if you don’t have a lot of friends play Pet Society game in Facebook? Actually, there are a secret of Pet Society, that you just need to buy a lot of apples and feed your friend’s pet to gain more than 10 experience (usually 17, but sometime 14) for 1 apple and get back 2 coins. After you feed them until full of energy, then you can logoff and login game to visit your same friend again and give the apple for them to eat then continue gain experience.
12. You can display your clothes in the room now, and you just need to drag and drop the clothes on the wall to make your room more beautiful.

You may get bored for the Pet Society game after sometime, but just think that your pet is always in Pet Society, and it will never disappear. You can visit your pet and play with him / her, and buy something for your pet, social with your pet's friend.. REALLY a free online computer game you can play and play again.. like you play with your pet today!!! ^-^

If you feel 'slow' to play the Facebook Pet Society game with the shared Internet access speed, then hope this can help you if you are using the Cable DSL Internet Broadband in Microsoft Windows platform - 'Boost to High Speed Internet DSL Broadband'!!!

Next is choose a fastest Internet web browser to play the free Internet online computer game. You will see the different!

* Apple iPhone 3G S still not able to support Pet Society online flash game yet!

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Facebook Pet Society! Your Virtual Pet Life!