Sunday, June 28, 2009

Missing MDI for Microsoft Office 2007

I just upgraded the Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007 last week. All this time I am using 'Microsoft Office Document Image Writer' or 'Microsoft Office Live Meeting Document Writer' as virtual printer to print and save as a soft copy MDI file (*.mdi) for backup purpose. Today, I want to reopen the MDI file to check some detail and then the system not allow me to open and prompt the 'Windows Cannot open this file'. Oh no, what happen? I can use it last week before I upgrade, is it missing MDI for Microsoft Office 2007?

I checked from Microsoft website and only know that when upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007, it didn't install the MDI as default tool for us. You can refer to below steps and reinstall back your 'Microsoft Document Imaging Writer' to open the MDI file and as a virtual printer.

1. Click 'Start' -> 'Setting' -> 'Control Panel', then run the 'Add or Remove Programs'.
2. Select the Microsoft Office 2007 (is depend on your version, Professional or Enterprise or Small Business, etc), then click on the 'Change' button.
3. It will pop-up a screen, then you choose the 'Add or Remove Features', then click 'Continue'.
4. Expand the 'Office Tools', then you can see the 'Microsoft Office Document Imaging'.
5. Click the drop down button and choose the 'Run all from My Computer' as below screen capture.
6. Click on the 'Continue' button, then it will reinstall MDI back to your Microsoft Office 2007.

Once you done the installation, you not need to restart, but you need to try and make sure it work. Try to print a document from Microsoft Word 2007 and save it as MDI file soft copy in one of the folder, then goto your specific folder and open back your MDI file to view it. :)

More info:-
Microsoft Artical ID: 926198 - An .mdi file dones not open in the Microsoft Office Document Imaging program that is included in the 2007 Office programs.

You can get more Microsoft online support from Microsoft Help and Support.