Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream Car - Aston Martin One-77

If you are one of the sports car fans, then you must know the 'Aston Martin One-77' super sports car, and there will be only 77 cars to be hand-built in the world. Why I call it a dream car? Because the One-77 design is a personal Art and with the advanced technology to suit for your needed, and is only 77 (lucky number) cars with amazing price. This is not everyone able to own the One-77.

Aston Martin is the unique sports cars hand-built company, and I should call Aston Martin company a 'Designer', because they has three core elements - 'Power', 'Beauty', 'Soul'. They are really think-out-of-box in design, performance and materials.

One-77 sports car is powered by V12 with 7.3 liter, 6 speed ASM / SSM control system, two door sports coupe with two seats, aluminum exterior body panels, carbon fiber body structure and around 1500kg weight. One-77 able to speed up from 0 - 60 in 3.5 seconds and up to 200 mph. Price is
£ 1 million. Imagine you drive the One-77 to the parties, clubbing, meetings, etc, people will try to know who you are. Dream Car - Aston Martin One-77 already sold out.

You Own One-77! One-77 Not Own You!