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Submit Full Blogger Atom Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing Webmaster


Top 10 in Google Search Engine

Top 10 in Google Search Engine 

Once you start your blogging using Blogspot (Blogger), and if you want attract more people to view and visit your blogs, then you need to learn how to submit your Blogger Blogs or Websites to famous Internet Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN)) with your Blogspot full atom sitemap (atom.xml) with no cost.

Usually, this is the important key for Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and submit your Blogspot full atom sitemap to Internet Search Engines to get your blogs been published and searched by Internet users.

There are few steps you need to configure in the Blogger setting before you submit your Blogger full atom sitemap to the Internet Search Engine.

1. Login to your Blogger account, then you click on the 'Settings'.
2. Go to 'Site Feed' and click on the 'Advanced Mode'.
3. Make sure 'Blog Posts Feed', 'Blog Comment Feed' and 'Per-Post Comment Feeds' are set to 'Full' and save the settings.

You know why we need to submit the full Blogger atom sitemap, rather than default atom.xml. As below example, Google only index less than 26 blogs (not all the posts) if using atom.xml, but if I use the full atom.xml then Google will index more than 26 blogs or posts.

Google atom.xml sitemap

NEXT, below show you the full xml sitemap (atom.xml) format that you will be used to submit into Internet Search Engine. You need to know how many articles (blog posts) that you wrote. How to check? You can check from your Blogger 'Dashboard', and it will show the number of posts.

1. Below 500 blog posts, then you need to use below full atom sitemap. It will keep track your 1st post till 500 posts.


2. If you have more than 500 posts and less than 1000 blog posts, then use below.


You will ask why i can't put all in one atom sitemap, then it will be easier. But Blogger now allow you maximum max-results is 500 posts.

You can try to view your full atom sitemap first to make sure it work before you start submit your sitemap to Internet Search Engine.

Example below (you just need to change Jasswin's blogspot URL to your blogger URL and try view it first):-

So, you know what is the sitemap? Is kind like a index page to keep all your posts since day one and let the search engine to scan through every words in your blogs.

Lets start to submit your blogger atom sitemap (atom.xml) to the most famous Internet Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Submit sitemap to Google using Google Webmaster Tools

1. You need to signup the Google Webmaster Tool account using your existing Google Gmail account (same as your Blogger Google account).

2. Click to 'Add a site...' and type in your blogger URL (i.e., then it will provide you a Meta Tag that you need to put into blogger template for verification purpose. PLEASE TAKE NOTE, the Google Meta Tag is missing the ‘ / ' before end of ‘ > ', and you need to add it in the ‘ / ’manually.

Google Verification Meta Tag
3. You need to paste the Google 'Meta Tag' to your blogger account -> 'Layout' -> 'Edit HTML' -> 'Edit Template', after the ‘<head>’.

Blogger Google Verification
4. Once your site is verified, then you can go to 'Site configuration' -> 'Sitemaps', click on the 'Submit a Sitemap' button then paste the full atom sitemap ‘atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500’.

5. You can see the format is 'Atom Feed'.

Google Webmaster Tools will take sometime to process your sitemap and you can check it time to time till you can see the number of 'URLs submitted' and 'Indexed URLs'.

Submit sitemap to Bing (MSN) using Bing Webmaster Center:-

1. Go to Bing Webmaster Center and signup the account, if you have the hotmail account or Microsoft live user account, then you can use it.

2. You click on the 'Add a site' button, then it will prompt you to key in the 'Web address', 'Sitemap address'.


Web Address:

Sitemap Address:


3. Same as the above (Google Meta Tag), Bing Webmaster Center will provide you a Bing 'Meta Tag' that you need to put into your blogger template for the verification.

4. If your website is failed to authenticate, then Bing will prompt the error, then you need to make sure the step 3 is configured properly. If passed, then you will see your Blog URL in the 'Site List'.

Now, you need to wait for the Bing Webmaster Center to crawl your Blogger sitemap then people only able to search from the Bing (MSN) search engine and reach your blogs.

Submit sitemap to Yahoo using Yahoo Site Explorer:-

1. Browse the Yahoo Site Explorer and login using the Yahoo account (same as your Yahoo email account, called Yahoo! ID) once you click on the 'Submit Site Feed'.


Submit Site Feed:

2. You put in the sitemap in the box and after you login the Yahoo Site Explorer, it will request you to add the 'Meta Tag' to your blogger template for verification. Same as above (Bing or Google) steps 3.

3. If your website is approved (verified) then you will be able to see your Blogger URL in 'My Sites'.

4. Click on the 'Feeds' to confirm your atom.xml sitemap is in the 'Feed URL' list and the 'Status' is 'new'.

Yahoo Site Explorer will not process your URL submission immediately, it is based on their best effort and you need to wait till Yahoo start crawl your Blogger and only able show in the Yahoo search engine.

There are a lot of Internet Search Engines in the world, and many SEO companies or tools will help you to drive your Blogger blogs or website into multiple online directory and Internet Search Engines. Even they will provide the professional services (SEO services) for you on how to improve your Blogs and website contents, keyword, color, design, pictures, etc in order to push your URL into TOP 10 (in search engine first page) to attract the Internet users to access your blogs or websites.

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