Friday, June 19, 2009

Today's HOT TOPIC *Many against day off for maids*

The below is part of the article from The Star Paper (Friday June 19, 2009):-

Many against day off for maids

PETALING JAYA: More than 75% of respondents in an SMS poll conducted by The Star are against the idea of granting maids a day off every week.

Yesterday’s poll, which asked if maids should be given one rest day a week, drew a total of 769 respondents over 11 hours.

About 76.1% or 585 respondents said “no,” while 23.9% or 184 respondents said “yes.”

The Human Resources Ministry proposed the move earlier this week in an effort to curb abuse of foreign domestic maids.

The proposal has drawn mixed response, with civil society groups lauding it and others – mainly employers of maids – against it.

The ministry has also welcomed views from all parties on the proposed move.


My Opinion:-

Do the ministry think that this would help?
A lot of thoughts pop out from my mind.
Oh by the way i don't have a maid.

It just got me thinking that we as a human, to get along together is a very difficult task.
It's just the same as you go to work and you can't get along with some of your colleagues or boss.

Or it might be that you get married then after half year or maybe 3 or 4 years down the road then you found out that you can't get along with your partner. Then you quarrel and divorce.

Or it might be like after you are married then you stay with your in-laws then there is some problems with your MIL or FIL then quarrel. Then a lot of things might happen. Move out, divorce or still stay together and still quarrel until who knows when.

So it's the same here with maids. The only different is that you pay the maid to work for you and you feel that I'm the BOSS and do as what i said.

On the other hand. Some bosses are good to the maid and those maid are getting bolder and bolder then problem will arise.

So all this comes down to your luck to get a good maid and also need hard work from both parties to communicate and work out a solution.

When two people form different background or different environment get together there will sure have different views, thoughts, diet, preference to things. There will sure be a challenge for someone to take a maid in the house as it needs time and individual to adjust to that new person in their daily life.

This apply every aspect of our life. You got a new partner then you have to accept his good and bad points. You get married then you have to accept your MIL and FIL good and bad points, even snoring...
This is easier said than done. hahaha.........

So if one party cannot accept or cannot be patient with the other then there will surely be a problem.

So in my opinion no matter you give the maid day off or not it won't help at all.