Thursday, June 11, 2009

Super Sun Solar Storm Attack Earth On Year 2012

(Solar Storm Image from: SOHO Consortium / ESA / NASA)

A very SCARY alert that Super Sun Solar Storm may attack Earth on 22nd September, Year 2012. By that time, the sky will be looks like a full of colorful light and estimated around 90 seconds most of the state in US will be out of power, follow by other countries (i.e. Europe, Scandinavia, China, Japan, etc).

May be a year later, possible a millions of people are dead and most of the infrastructure (Internet backbone, satellite communication, GPRS, etc) will be impacted across nation wide. This is sounds like ridiculous, but even NASA or NAS claim that the Super Sun Solar Storm possible can cause this huge damage in our Earth.

I am not sure you know about Hurricane Katrina, expert claim that Super Sun Solar Storm will be worse than Hurricane Katrina for this round. Imagine, no electrical transport, no electrical water pump, no electrical refrigeration system, no electricity at all. Even most the backup generators only can run for 2 ~ 3 days, mean the hospital only has around 72 hours electricity... people may die within few days. It may take around 4 to 10 years to recover..

"I don't think that NAS report is scaremongering," says Mike Hapgood, who chairs the Space Agency's space weather team.

Although this is not END OF WORLD, but we need to get prepare as much as we can first before Super Sun Solar Storm come on Year 2012. You can get more info from here.

If it is really true that Super Sun Solar Storm attack Earth, then may be we can take note few important things and prepare some emergency plan.

  • If the Solar charges is not really expensive in your area, then you can install it on your house roof in case no electricity. Else, you need to get one or few power generators with few small tank of petrol for emergency case, and even you can use the petrol for your transport (Car or motorbike) if needed. You can have the bicycle even better.
  • You can keep one light on to indicate when the power is restored.
  • Don't use the gas stove for heating, or turn on the power generator in your house, because it will cause carbon monoxide and make the air got poison.
  • If the water suppliers cut off due to this disaster, then you need to keep at least four gallon of water for one person each day (drink, cooking and limited for bath). You need to keep it in the cool and dark place, but you need to replace the water every six months.
  • Store the food which is not refrigeration required, and the best is even not require for cooking. i.e. canned fruit, peanut butter, jam, cookies, nuts, crackers, even the canned meats, juices and dry milk. Most of the canned foods can store at least 18 months or some of the low acid foods (meat, fruits or vegetables) even can keep for 2 years. Milk powder is very important for us, especially for kids or seniors.
  • Keep few torchlight with some battery in your bed room, in case the power cutoff suddenly during night time. Sometime you can use it for at night and try to minimize the usage for the Solar power or generator.
  • Keep some basic first aid kits in case you need it. Imagine the hospital also has the same impact without electricity within few days after Solar Storm attack Earth. I.e. Aspirin or pain reliever, sterile dressing, cleansing agent, and other important medications that you usually use it in your country.
  • In case something happen, and you better keep some card information for your kids or seniors with their full name, address, contact number and family photo. You also can provide some basic knowledge to your children on how to do if parent is sick or injured.
  • Keep few cooking gas tanks at least you can use it for half a year, at least you can cook the rice or drinking water, especially for children and seniors.
  • If all the communication or phone or Internet break down, then you need to take care by yourself or your family till the communication is backup. Usually the payphone will work first before other phone line, so keep some coins with you.
  • If the bank system is not working properly and Sun Solar Storm impact our life very seriously during that time, then foresee that the money is not that important. You can buy GOLD to keep it, as the GOLD value is always there.
  • Move to Asia countries for few months or a year, as no four seasons weather, especially no electricity during summer or winter time. Imagine how cold or how hot you in today!