Saturday, June 6, 2009

Snoring - Stop Snore Without Surgery

Snoring happen in million of people today, and everyday a lot of partners or room mate complain to (his or her) sleeping beside them - "PLEASE STOP SNORE NOW! I CAN'T SLEEP WELL". Most of the people talk about this Snoring topic no matter during their office hours or gathering, and make joke on snoring rhythm, how to stop snoring, type of snoring treatment, where can get the snoring surgery, or snoring surgery cost, etc.

I do have some friend they are really can't accept his / her partner snoring at night, especially those has double or triple snoring rhythm, and it really make the people feel irritable, anxious. They did try to find a way to stop snoring, i.e. the snoring pillow, snoring tape that easily get from supermarket or pharmacy. But, does it really help to stop snoring at night? You can try..

A lot of people will bear with his or her partner at first, but along the time it will be a problem on their relationship. May be one day, he or she will sleep in another room due to snoring and it can be a factor for the divorce.

Snoring is a another important thing related to your health that you need to pay the attention. Although below few ways may not stop snoring 100%, but it help you.
- Reduce your weight, and control on your
Cholesterol level, and even it can give you a healthy heart. You can refer to 'High Cholesterol to Healthy Heart'.
- Quit Smoking as it is not good for your throat.
- Practice Chi Kung as it will improve your overall internal body system and relax your mind before you sleep. You can refer to this basic Relaxation exercise, or you can join the Penang Tai Chi class if you are in Malaysia or United Kingdom (UK).

There is a book 'STOP YOUR SNORING NATURALLY' to show you on how to stop your snoring naturally without surgery, and it is not only help on your health, and it help your partner as well! An another method you can try and STOP SNORING NOW for life!