Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream Reviews

Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body CreamA Slender Body In 28 Days

I am using the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream for few months, and if I continue use it for two weeks plus, then yes I can see some results. Before I share my experience on the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss body cream, and lets understand more on the InchLoss body cream first.

InchLoss body cream has the Bio-heat ingredients that will burn your fats through out the whole night or day before your bath. Although in the advertisement for InchLoss body cream mentioned that the result is vary for the users, but I definitely tell you that you will feel it if you continue use it for a week plus with non-stop day and night.

Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss body cream prove that you can slims your body 1/2 inch within 7 days with below benefits:-

  • Tummy, thighs & arms look firmer
  • Achieve a slimmer silhouette
  • Stretch marks gradually disappeared
  • Moisturizes & smoothens skin

Main InchLoss Body Cream ingredients (link):-

  • Bio Energy Fluid & Bio Mineral Essence
    • Rich in mineral elements, amino acids, enzymes & various vitamins to nourish and promote the renewal of skin cells for a firm and more refined body contour.
  • Ginger & Ginseng
    • Removes free radicals for revitalizing skin cells, slowing down the signs of aging while speeding up the firming process to achieve a smooth & slender body in no time.
  • Capsicum, Bitter Orange & Pineapple Essence
    • Stimulating ingredients to speed up the process of metabolism to burn excess fats & reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Direction of Use:-

  • Apply InchLoss Body Cream over desired areas such as tummy, thighs & arms. Massage in circular movements for a few minutes.
  • Due to its effective formula, prevent application to our breasts and avoid contact with your eyes, armpits and genital area.


One of the feedback from user in the ads is “After 14 days, I am surprised that my pants feel loose as I have lost about 1 inch off my waist & hips. Thanks to Celebrity’s Choice inchloss series!”.

My personal feedback to use the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream:-

  • I really think many times before I buy this InchLoss body cream product as compare to other products, because the price for InchLoss body cream is not the cheapest one. Why I buy the InchLoss body cream? As this word “7 DAYS, Slims Body 1/2 inch!” and the product packaging looks confident, so I bought the InchLoss body cream 100g to try first.
  • First time applied to my body, I feel a bit cold on my skin in the air con room (every time same feeling), but after 10 minutes then I quickly took bath to wash it out as I really felt like burning on my skin and a bit pain. Why? Because I didn’t follow the direction to use the InchLoss body cream, and I applied twice on my whole body (only face didn’t apply). Oh man… Next time better read the product’s directions first before use it.
  • I believe is not everyone like the feeling like ‘warm tingling sensation’, something like the hot & spicy chili apply on your skin and it last for few hours. You feel it more for the first tow hours, and DON’T touch your eyes or lips, and wash your hand using soap before you play with your kids. BUT smell good!
  • I really see the result around a week plus, as my skin looks soft and I can feel not so tight when I wear my Levi’s jeans during the weekend. Although I didn’t check how many inch I lose it for my tummy!
  • Try don’t use it when you out for dinner, as I have few time experience to make me not really enjoy my meal if I applied the InchLoss body cream before.

So, if you never try it before and still consider on various type of products, then may be you can try 100g InchLoss body cream first. You never know if you never try it before!

Apply InchLoss Body Cream! Smoothens Your Skin!