Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prevent Your Child from Developing Allergies

There are two types of food allergies, Immediate Type food allergy and Delayed food allergy.

Immediate Type food allergy (IgE – Immunoglobulin E) – The reaction is often severe, quick to happen after eating small quantities of the food and life-threatening. This is not common.

Delayed food allergy (Feed Intolerance) – The reaction builds up over 1 ~ 3 weeks, and this is quite common but header to detect and diagnose.

5 simple steps plan to monitor your child have allergies or not (from Doctor Lee):-

  1. Listen to your child
    • If your child have a food allergy then he or she will always feel like ‘tired’, ‘not feel good’, ‘hurt’, ‘always sick’, ‘stomach ache’, ‘can’t sleep’, ‘bloated’.
  2. Get your child tested
    • If already brought your child to the doctor and no obvious cause can be found, consider the possibility of food allergies among other caused.
  3. Observe your child
    • Monitor his or her reaction to foods you introduce to or omit from his or her diet, and if any reaction, then avoid the food for several weeks.
  4. Rotate or avoid offending foods in his diet
    • This strategy will help your child feel better and healthier.
  5. Avoid overprotection
    • Exposure to dirt and disease allows the body to learn to distinguish between invasions by parasites and bacteria and to produce antibodies when needed.

What we can do..

  • Introduce any new food gradually and do it one at a time. Before you introduce mixed foods that could cause an allergic reaction, introduce each new food on its own and don’t mix foods.
  • Give your child cooked or homogenized food. Food in general are less likely to cause an allergic reaction after they are cooked.

What we better don’t..

  • Take peanuts during pregnancy and while nursing, especially if there is a family history of allergies.
  • Introduce cow’s milk before the child’s first birthday, or eggs before the second birthday. Don’t give nuts and seafood before the third birthday.

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