Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Easy Ways to Drive the BIG Cars

Volvo XC60Volvo XC60 


There are an easy ways to drive the BIG cars (some time called family car), if you are too worry to get a NEW BIG car. Before you drive a big car, you need to know few points first.

  • The big cars are longer in size so they require more space to make a turning (example like bus or lorry). You need to make sure you have enough space when turning.
  • The big cars are built with a higher center of gravity than the normal cars. So, it is not good for you to rocket through comers as this will cause your big car to lose the balance and may flip.
  • The big cars are heavier than normal car and so it have a longer stopping distance. So if you tailgate and the car in front of you brakes all of a sudden, you won’t be able to stop in time. PLEASE always remember to keep a safe distance when you drive a big car.

Drive a big car, then most important is the car parking. Yes, a lot of people can drive a big car with no problem, but they always spend a lot of time to park a big car. Lets show you a easy way on the car parking for your big car.

Parallel park with your big car:-

  • You need to pull up to the front until the back of your car is around aligned with the rear tyre of the car you want to park behind of.
  • You need to reverse slowly until you see the back of the car that you want to park behind of from your last window.
  • Now you can start doing a full swing with the steering then back up until the car is in a 45 degree angle and stop.
  • You can turn your steering anti-clockwise and go a little to the front to fit your big car properly in the parking lot.

90 degree reverse park with your big car:-

  • You pull up two parking lots to the front from the empty parking lot that you want to park your big car.
  • You drive slowly and reverse the car, and once you see from your last window of the car you need to park next to.
  • Now you can go for a full swing to back up into the empty parking lot.
  • While backing, you need to check both side mirrors to make sure your car is not too close to the cars next to you.
  • Once your car is halfway into the parking lot, then it should be parallel with the lines. Now you turn your steering anti-clockwise to straighten the front tyres and back up a little bit more for the car to be entirely in the parking lot.

You will see that is not too difficult to drive a big car and once you have a family then you might need to look for a family car (big car).


Big Car! Family Car!