Thursday, July 23, 2009

Windows 7 has Apple iPhone 3G S Touch-Screen Features

Windows 7 Video from CNET


Next Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System) - Windows 7 has Apple iPhone 3G S Touch-Screen features, and you can view the above Windows 7 video from CNET. If you like the Apple iPhone 3G S touch screen features, then I believe you will like the Microsoft Windows 7 as well. If your Netbooks computer has the touch screen with Windows 7, then it will be very convenient for the portable users and especially to browse the Internet web pages, read / write email, view / edit pictures or videos, and play the computer games or online games.

Microsoft has announced that they have finalized the Windows 7 code, and pending the Windows 7 testers to submit the test results and feedback back to Microsoft Windows team for the next improvement. Microsoft target to release the Windows 7 on 22nd October 2009, and since the Windows Vista has been in the market for more than 2 1/2 years with bad feedback from the Windows users.

From those users who have been tested the Windows 7, they really appreciate the new Windows 7. They love it is not only the new features, and the most important is the Windows 7 performance is better than Windows Vista using the same computer specification. It prove that Microsoft Windows team really put in a lot of effort to fine-tune the whole backend operating system code and make it fast, stable, user friendly and get ready for the huge portable users in the next coming 5 years market. Most of the computer users change their computer every 2 ~ 3 years! Me too!

If you are using the Windows Live Writer 2009 to write the blog, then you will know that Windows Live has bundle a lot of modules which are free to use and all of this will be come together with Windows 7. Once you use the Windows 7 then you will really enjoy the multimedia features and especially you not need to look for the freeware or shareware and minimize the attack (virus, trojan horse, etc) to your computer system from those non-secure softwares.

If you have additional PC (personal computer) with at least below computer spec, then you still can download the Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) from Microsoft website before 20th August 2009 to try it first. File name (7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_en-us_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_en_dvd.iso) and around 2.5 GB. But you need to take note that the Windows 7 RC will expire on 1st June 2010, and starting from 1st March 2010 it will auto shut down your computer every two hours until you install a non-expired version of Windows 7. Since you will use it later, then you can install now and later get the non-expired version without backup/restore your data and softwares!

  • CPU 1.0 GHz and above
  • 1 GB RAM and above
  • 20 GB Hard disk and above
  • Video card support DirectX 9 and above

You can always get the up-to-date Windows 7 information from the Microsoft Windows 7 website.

Hope the next operating system is the touchable hologram operating system using the mobile phone or watch beside Netbooks! Since we already had the Hologram TV and used by CNN now.


Microsoft Windows 7! Your Next 2010 PS OS!