Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook and MySpace Security Risks for Internet Online Users

Facebook and MySpace have become a very important online social application for many of us interact with our friends, family and colleagues. They have even been integrated into many peoples or companies to do the business or advertising in the Facebook or MySpace. But with all of this popularity comes some Facebook and MySpace security risks that we all need to take note and be cautions.


Beginning of June 2009, there were more than 25,000 pieces of malware that targeted social networking users. And all the time, both MySpace and Facebook have been the targets of malicious software. Facebook had the most serious problems with ‘Facebook Hit by Five Security Problems in One Week’ on March 2009. These events were all part of malware schemes that pose as Facebook applications or error messages.


“It’s difficult to tell if a link is legitimate or not, but you can usually tell by hovering your cursor over a link and reading the URL in the bottom left corner of your browser. Before clicking on any error message or application download, make sure you have carefully considered its authenticity and source. If the URL you’re being sent to doesn’t look right or sounds suspicious – don’t click on it.” by Brad Shaver.

Actually, Facebook or MySpace not really provide the security review for all the third-party applications before they put it in their site for Internet online users to use it. So, this is depend on the Facebook or MySpace users to decide accept to play or download or install those applications. As in the agreement mentioned that Facebook or MySpace won’t take any responsible if your personal data or profile leak out to other people. You always need to make sure the famous or so called ‘hot’ Facebook or MySpace applications or games are coming from a reputable source. You always can read the Facebook or MySpace term and condition to know more, and it even mentioned on your photos or pictures that you uploaded to their site can be used for other purpose by other people if have the access to your profile.



Facebook and MySpace Security Risks! Online Social Application Not Secure!