Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Open Windows Live Writer Start Prompt Error and Methods to Fix

Yesterday, when I am writing a blog using Windows Live Writer 2009, and suddenly due to the Internet connection issue then had error to publish the blog, and then it hang and close automatically. When I try to open the Windows Live Writer 2009 again start prompt error and even I click ‘Send Report’ or ‘Do Not Send Report’, it won’t help.

Windows Live Writer 2009 prompt below error message:-

Windows Live Writer has encountered a problem. Unexpected end of file while parsing Name has occurred. Button - Send Report’ or ‘Do Not Send Report’.


Before I restart my computer, then I think it should have a way to fix it, then I try to find from Internet then found on below methods. It is possible due to a current Windows Live Writer 2009 program is running but hang in backend or some of the Windows Live Writer 2009 keywords file corrupted.


Method 1:- (Kill the Windows Live Writer program exe)

  1. Right click on the ‘Taskbar’, then choose the ‘Task Manager’
  2. Click on the ‘Processes’ tab
  3. Then you need to look for ‘WindowsLiveWriter.exe’
  4. Right click on the ‘WindowsLiveWriter.exe’ and click on ‘End Process’
  5. You can try to open the Windows Live Writer again


Method 2:- (Delete the corrupted keywords files in Windows Live Writer folder)

  1. For Windows Vista
    • Goto ‘Start’, then ‘Run’
    • Type ‘%AppData%\Windows Live Writer\Keywords’
  2. For Windows XP
    1. Goto ‘Start’, then ‘Run’
    2. Type ‘%UserProfile%\Application Data\Windows Live Writer\Keywords’
  3. You can see number of files like ‘keywords_xxxxx.xml’, then delete the files based on latest ‘Date Modified’, then try to open the Windows Live Writer again. If still prompt the error, then delete all the keywords files and try again.
  4. Once you are able to open your Windows Live Writer, then you can refresh your tags when you choose the ‘Set categories’ again.


I just use the method 1, then it fixed my problem. Now I can use my Windows Live Writer 2009 to write this post to share with you all. You not need to uninstall your Windows Live Writer if you not able to start or open it. Try the above methods first, unless still not working, then you need to uninstall and install the Windows Live Writer again.


Windows Live Writer Start Error! Fix First Rather Than Reinstall!