Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Am I So Tired?

Most of the people will ask ‘Why am I so tired?” and won’t know the real reason behind it. I have the same problem and feel tired some time. Is it due to stress? or too much things to think? or too much socializing? or too many bad happening to me? or family problem? or ways to handle kids? or office politics? or relationship problem? or financial problem? or too may works or assignments? or too many travels or business trips? or addicted on games?  … there are many reasons cause us feel tired and not only our body, even our heart and mind. Any solutions to help us and not feel tired? I am not sure.. I look for Internet, books and articles, there are some symptoms with solutions and not sure is it really help. Just write on my blog here and share with you.


  1. Skip your breakfast
    • If you always rush to somewhere every morning and you have this habit, then it will catch up on you later in the day causing an enormous energy down. As you didn’t take your breakfast, your metabolic rate radically lowers mean the supply of nutrients to every cell in your body slow down, and this is why people often feel less hungry for lunch.
    • Solution:- Keep some healthy fast food on hand, like fruit, yoghurt or biscuits that you can eat while traveling to somewhere.
  2. Smoke
    • When you smoke, fatty deposits build up in the arteries and eventually the vessels narrow and thicken, so blood supply to the heart can be reduced. Our heart needs to work harder to get efficient oxygen to other parts of body, that will cause us tired significantly.
    • Solution:- Quit smoking, and you join the quit-smoking programs.
  3. Post virus or flu
    • When we are post to get the flu or cold, then our body’s immune system has been working overtime, then we start get tired and whole body not feeling well.
    • Solution:- Beside take the flu and cold tablets, we need to rest as much as we can, and try to stay at home for few days to get recover faster. Skip your favorite TV programs or leave your works for few days.
  4. Anaemia
    • Sometime no matter how much sleep you get, you still feed tired all day every day. Then you possible are suffering from anaemia which is caused by a deficiency in iron.
    • Solution:- You can increase your level of iron and vitamin B12 in your diet. Try to get more grains, nuts, cereals, soy products and fish. Don’t take the iron supplements unless your doctor ask, if not it will cause your health problem.
  5. Depression
    • When you feel like sadness and pessimism, lack of appetite, loss of sleep, poor concentration, constipation and even stomach upsets, then is it possible you are depression now.
    • Solution:- Try to learn some relaxation techniques, and using deep breathing when you are uptight can help to reduce feeling of depression and anxiety. You also can look for some counseling programs to help and guide you on how to relax and improve your current situation.
  6. Medications
    • If you take a lot of medication tablets for blood pressure, insomnia, nausea, antidepressants, cold and flu, headache, then you will feel drained and tired after sometime.
    • Solution:- Try to drink more water, rest more or check with your doctor for alternative medication that has fewer side effects.
  7. Exercise
    • Over exercise on any sports is not good for our health, and may be it only take effect after sometime. If you start getting tired on your body regularly after exercise, then you better to ask yourself is it over exercise.
    • Solution:- You can exercise regularly but keep it less than 1 hour in one go, and around 20 ~ 40 minutes for day will be good enough for you, and you will sleep better and more deeper to reduce tiredness throughout the day.
  8. Underactive Thyroid
    • If you experience dry skin, dry hair, constipation, sensitivity to cold, or problem with weight gain, then is possible you have underactive thyroid that cause hypothyroidism where you feel tired and sluggish.
    • Solution:- Once you have this type of symptoms then quick check with doctor and do the blood test for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). If yes, then you can ask doctor for T4 (thyroxine) or T3 (tri-iodothyronine) that will help on the regulation of your metabolism.
  9. Poor Sleep
    • If you are always late sleep, then you will have problem that easily make you tired next day and continue for few days or long term, then you will getting worse for your health.
    • Solution:- Try not to practice on reading, watching TV, or doing work on your bed. Only go to bed when you feed genuinely tired, and remove any distractions, or listen to some soothing music if you can’t fall asleep.
  10. Kids
    • Sometime you don’t know how to handle your kids and really make you wanna to give up.
    • Solution :- Try to treat your kids is not your own kids, and more like friends. As most of the people treat other friend’s or relative’s kids better than their own son or daughter.
  11. Work related
    • You may be too many works or assignments, or politics in office, or your subordinate problem that cause you feel tired. When it getting worse, and you will like give up your existing job and looks for other opportunities.
    • Solution:- With new opportunity to change your work environment may help you, or try to practice let go everything and don’t think about work after office hours. Your job never end, and you still can continue it next day.
  12. Relationship
    • This is very wide area that relationship not only can pull you down for any your interest and make you very tired, and even in some true worse cases may cause one person to commit suicide.
    • Solution:- This is not a quick or perfect solution to help everyone, the most important thing is try to remind yourself that you are very lucky. The soldier even know there is a bomb in front of them, but still need to move and possible get hit on it, as no choice for them to choose again sometime. They are not afraid of die, and why don’t you love yourself to make a change to live better.


I know is not easy to follow those solutions, but at least we know now and always can remind ourselves there are solutions to help and improve us to get better life and good health. Don’t give up, and even you can find better solutions from your family members, friends, doctors, and many sources are available for you to grab and use it in right way to get right results and won’t get tired anymore. :) Be happy, don’t worry!


So Tired! Make a Change!