Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 Steps Start An Online Shop With Online Payment Service

If you are plan to start an Online Shop with Online Payment availability, then you need to have a domain name (.com or .com.<depend on domain country code>, i.e. for long run, and the web pages that you need to display what products you are selling online, and a payment methods for your customer to order and pay you. Below 3 basic steps for you to start an online shop to do your Internet Online Business:-


1. Setting up a Domain Name and Website through hosting company

You may need to have a unique or own domain name to run your online shop for your Internet Online Business. The domain name can be vary and usually people will use the .com international domain name, or you can use for your own country domain name like The domain name is not expensive today, and I propose you sign up with with hosting company to get the hosting package with cheaper cost to including the domain name for a year or more. Some hosting company even provide you email, ftp, templates for ease for you to run your online shop. Choose the domain name related to your products or services, and try to get it ‘short and sweet’ for people to remember your online shop URL.


2. Create the webpage with full of contents for your products or services

You may not know the web design to create your own web pages for your online shop, so actually you can hire a designer to develop the web pages for you including the pages and pictures, and it can cost you from few dollars to few hundred dollars per page. Some of them will create the template for you, and you just need to type your products description and upload your product photo, then it will display it on your online website to sell it. There are few ways you can get cheaper web pages design cost, like you can ask from University students to create for you, or look for the hosting company provide in-house designer services, or attend some training on online business design development courses to get your online shop up and running.


3. Join and utilize the secure online payment system

You may need to have a secure online payment system to get your customer to pay you through online payment rather than manual payment ways (bank in to your saving account or send cheque to you) as post not secure or trust for your online customers. They may not know you at all, and you may lose your business opportunity. There are many companies to provide the secure Internet online payment services, like PayPal, 2Checkout, Netbuilder, etc. Some of hosting companies even provide you the online payment systems integration to other online payment company like PayPal (more than 150 millions accounts in 190 countries and regions for online business of all sizes), or you can get advise from your hosting company to know which online payment they are support and available in your country. This is ease for your online customers to pay you through credit card using Visa, Master Card, American Express network when they buy the products from your online store from everywhere.


Other free great website services or online tips:-

You may not need to create a own personal domain name to sell the products for small online business, and it will add up your cost. You can use the free web services like Google Blogger or Yahoo Geocities or Twitter or WordPress or TypePad to create the blogs with free blog templates provided by Google or Yahoo or other free blogging companies. Even you can get the free blog templates from Internet, that you just need to search for the free blogging templates.

10 Minutes Start Your Blog using Google Blogger

If you want to pickup more knowledge on website design then you can refer to About Web Design on this link ( for a good start. If you want to improve your Internet online business to make your business better, then you can get a lot of free tips from Web guru through this link ( or work with some Internet Marketing companies to drive and push your websites for all the search engine or online directories.

Submit Full Blogger Atom Sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing Webmaster

Last, there are a lot of online portal or online marketplace to provide online auction or shopping website for you to join and sell the products without create your own online shop, but you need to pay for the interest or monthly or yearly fees like eBay, Taobao, Amazon, Lelong etc. As they provide a lot of free great online product tools and even cover for the order tracking systems traceability, secure payment approval and transfer, and some can provide you for the logistics delivery to collect the products from you and ship to your customers.


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