Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Always hide your face due to Melasma


There are many people embarrassed by their skin especially their face due to Melasma, and I believe you always hide your face if you are lady. If you have Melasma, and you have to know the sun protection is one of the main effective natural treatment. There are many reasons trigger for Melasma, and the major root cause is exposure to sunlight.

You not need too worry now, as a lot of professional dermatologists have a series of Melasma treatment programs to cure it using various solutions and medication based on your skin type and situation. So, before you go for any treatment, try to use the broad-spectrum (UVA + UVB) sunscreen with SPF 30, take umbrella, and wear hats or sun glasses first, until you really find a good healthcare providers for your Melasma treatment.

Just now mentioned that exposure to sunlight is one of the major reason caused the Melasma, and there are few more reasons as below:-

  • Use of oral contraceptive pills
  • Pregnancy (That is why some people called ‘Melasma’ is ‘Mask of Pregnancy’)
  • Genetic influence
  • Post menopausal
  • Drugs
  • In-proper use of cosmetic

So, if you start notice your nose, forehead, upper lip, chin, cheeks or other part of your body has brown skin discoloration, then you might have Melasma. This is because your body system over produce the melanin, and mostly happen on women now a day. You have to take care your skin and even after Melasma treatment!


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