Thursday, September 24, 2009

Choose and Use the Contraceptive Pill in the Right Way

 Contraceptive Pill

There are million of women take the contraceptive pill (some people called it ‘Birth Control Pill’ or most of the people just called it ‘Pill’) everyday, and already consider is one of the top 10 drugs used in the world and generate a lot of profit for the healthcare providers every year. That’s why a lot of contraceptive pill products available in the market and we have to know which pill product is good, so that we can choose and use the contraceptive pill in the right way, as it is related to our health due to hormone change by taking the pill.

Although after many years (since the first pill from year 1960 in US) of research and improvement on the oral contraceptive pill and really save for us to use it. But, most the pill contain the female hormones (Estrogen and Progestogen) to prevent your ovaries process the egg growth and release. It is similar the women stop the maturation and release eggs during pregnancy. At the same time, the pill also thicken the mucus from your cervix as a barrier to sperm and change the lining of womb (Endometrium) to less suitable for implantation of fertilized egg, and reduce sperm transport in the upper genital tract. So, we need to seek for more information, especially consult your doctor!

Most of the pill products come with 21 tablets, and you have to take one pill each day (for 21 days), the stop for next 7 days. The most important point is you need to know in what / when / how the situation is suitable for you to use the pill.

Available to be used:-

  • No smoking or taking drugs women
  • Healthy women and can take up till menopause
  • Planned with high protection against pregnancy
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Undergone an abortion
  • Severe menstrual cramps

Don’t be used:-

  • Pregnancy
  • Any type of cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Migraines
  • During breast feeding
  • A smoker and over age 35 years old
  • If have any family records of high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, gallstones, diabetes, or blood clotting problems

As you know that the pill won’t help to protect you from sexuality transmitted HIV (AIDS) or diseases, so proposed you to use the condoms or other vaginal methods beside you take the pill. You can keep your pill in a place that you will easily notice, so that you can take it daily without miss after breakfast or dinner.

Before you choose a contraceptive pill, is good for you to know the facts of most of the doctor recommended pill:-

  • It won’t cause your weight gain
  • It won’t delay or cause you early menopause
  • It allow you to take the pill until menopause
  • It won’t affect your fertility after you stopped
  • It won’t cause acne and even can help to reduce acne and oily skin
  • It allow you to take the pill even you have uterine fibroids in most of the cases

We are not the doctor, so mean that even a lot of articles or information related to contraceptive pill available in the Internet, magazines, booklets, and friends, but I still propose you to read more from other, and the best is check and consult your trusted doctor to give you the right advise. Choose and Use the Contraceptive Pill in the Right Way! :)



Contraceptive Pill! Birth Control Pill! Enjoy Your Life!