Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Google AdWords Voucher to Promote Your Website!

Google AdWords

Quick and this is available for the first 100 people to get free RM100 Google AdWords voucher if you signup from this Google AdWords link (provided by SME magazine), so that you can promote your website or business for FREE using this FREE Google AdWords voucher.

May be people don’t really know the Power of Google AdWords, and so most of people try to ignore the Google AdWords if ask them to spend money to promote their website or products in Internet. I just want to share with you my experience, as I did spent some money try to promote my other website, and it really get the traffic to my website and attract more visitors to view the products everyday. Although, most of the new visitors didn’t buy any products, but slowly you can see they start come back directly as they already know and remember your website. So, if you have any online business or online store or services, then try to promote your website using Google AdWords, and make your brand or URL known by more people first, and you will get the return soon if you are never give up!




What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords marketing program is linked to Google Search Engine or Google Adsense to show your advertisement (on top or next to search results or related keyword page) based on the keywords that you created in your Google AdWords campaign. You can create the text ads or image ads to attract the user click on your ads, and you need to set or adjust the value per ads click (mean Pay-Per-Click, PPC) in order to be the top or first ads when Internet user search on specific words or keywords. This is not only to display on Google search engine, your ads will be displayed all over the Google related services like Blogger, You Tube, Gmail, etc. Imagine million of Internet users are using Google search engine, Blogger, You Tube, Gmail, or etc every hour every minute, and possible one of your visitors will be your true customer and converted into sales soon.


Google AdWords really help?

Most important point is, how many people know your websites, products or services that you have it in Internet today? Don’t assume the Internet users will find you easily if you didn’t act something to promote your website.

  • Today’s mobile world, people will try to search the Internet to get more information first before they decide to buy a product or services.
  • There are many similar products or services available in the Internet, and users usually look for those links on the 1st or 2nd pages of search results.
  • Major of Internet users are using Google search engine beside Yahoo, MSN (Bing) or AOL, and Google Ads is not only display it on Google search engine page, and it will help you display it on other Google services sites too, i.e. You Tube, Blogger, Gmail, etc.
  • Million of the websites are using the Google Adsense (Ads by Google) to make some profit and indirectly your ads will be viewed by someone if the keywords is related on the webpage.
  • Google AdWords has a free keywords tool to assist you analyze the keywords and get the suitable keywords for your ads to improve the CTR.

Note: If you have budget constraint, then you need to check your Google AdWords account time to time to adjust your PPC, daily budget and target audience.


You may refer to this Secret of Google AdWords to share with you a way to get ALL your Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising absolutely FREE!





Google AdWords! Promote Your Website!