Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why Your Staff Quit?

Your Staff

Most of the time, people don’t quit their jobs but instead they quit their company and management. A lot of senior level managers always fail to remember they need to maintain a positive working environment, as a good working culture is important and sadly.

If your staff turnover rate getting serious, then you need to do some serious mind mapping. Try to think about yourself that why you hate your previous job from other company, is it due to management, negative colleagues, working culture or your boss?

People quite their job for many reasons and is possible not mean that you are a bad manager or a boss. A lot of companies has the same problem that influence from colleagues to play their right role and lack of job satisfaction from assignment. It will come to you willing to hire new staff to replace the ones left and spend a lot of time on training or give the new staff some time to adjust into new environment. Any impact to your business or project? As time won’t wait for you to make all the arrangement.

  • This is a very important to remember that your employees are not you. May be good to benchmarking them to your standards, but if enforce those standards can drive them away faster than your expected. You need to understand their strength and weakness, then assign the tasks and challenges according to their capability. If your staff are not performing, then it is as much their problem as it is yours.
  • Tell them they are doing a good job and be more expressive with your compliments. Recognition and constant support is important when it comes to your employees, and it sparks their momentum and motivate them.
  • People spend more than 30 years or their life working and the only thing that keep them doing, beside the money, is their passion in what they do. If your work environment is less than ideal, then soon it will drain off their passion. You have some ground rules on what they can and cannot do, then let them perform by themselves as today’s work, is go for results, and not how much work they seem to do. Make working fun by introducing fun elements into your workplace.
  • Don’t just make all the decision because you are the boss. You should openly communicate to your team in a timely and transparent manner. Let them know your basis of your decision and always make way for their feedback as they are working under you would like to be kept informed. If it involved key decisions, put them down in writing, so there is no miscommunication. Constantly communicate to those under you and any changes make to certain project, let them know early.
  • Don’t promise anything if you know you cannot deliver. This is the trust for your employee, and if you cannot carry out the promise made then communicate to them and explain the situation to them else try find a way to fulfill it.
  • You need to address the negative gossip as soon as you can, before they spin out of control. You need to remember that motivated employees will be influenced by the negative one. You have to find out the unhappy employees and understand from them and find a way to resolve it. If impossible to resolve, then you need to look for new replacement. Don’t allow a rotten fruit to spoil the entire tree.

If your staff always quit, then it really create doubts on your managerial skills and operation. You have to take action and keep your staff turnover under control and always understand why they leave and prevent your existing employees from doing the same. Hiring employees is not difficult, but hiring good ones is! (advise from SME)


Your Staff Quit! Your Business Impacted!