Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lets Think and Start a Niche Blog

Recently, I read some of the blogging books and internet blogging techniques sites, and a lot of professional blogger always propose us to write a niche blog and try to make it more on specific area and topic. This is good for the blog reader know your blog main target and topics that you will share and post in your blog. They will always come back to visit your blog to become your blog follower. They can interact with you in your niche blog through publish some comments, and share with you their own experiences on those specific topics, and no matter the comment is good or bad, but at least you know their feedback. Lets think and start a niche blog!

Professional bloggers said that most of the top 10 blogs in Technorati or other blog search engine are niche blogs and really write a lot of related good articles on it. They are not only earn a lot of money from their blog website, even they make a lot of friends who have the same interests and time to time they organize the gathering parties. Some of them become best friends after few years.

A lot of people start blogging on their personal blog first, and most of them just share their daily life activities, experiences, photos, fun and humor topics, etc. Their blog posts are really wide and not organize. They do have their own blog followers and keep visit to their blogs, or subscribe the blog feed to get latest update through blog reader tool or email. It means that they write blog is not for making money, is more to express themselves and share with their friends on various topics which he or she like. Exactly same as my blog now! I write any topics that I want, and is not a niche blog.

Why I start read those professional blogger books or websites, as I start see my blog can make some money, and although is very little, but it prove that blogging can make money, and at the same time I can share any information anytime that I like. May be you are not believe that a lot of professional bloggers can make more than USD 50,000 a year, and even some of the professional bloggers can earn more than USD 100,000 per year, and just blogging full time without go to get a 5 days 8 office hours work. Actually, your already know that you will not get money or salary if you are not working based on traditional working lifestyle. But, their life really flexible, and even without do anything, the money still come in everyday, and it will keep increasing on their income, if he or she put in extra effort on it later. They are really pro on blogging! They always mention niche blog can make more money!

In order to reach there, the professional blogger really told us that is not easy, and it will not just happen it within 1 day or 1 year. We need to do a lot of homework to source for a niche topic that we can write and non-stop (most of the people stop or lack of new posts or ideas after few months), and must be really attractive as they are thousand of similar blogs available in the Internet and already established.

So, I can’t show you that niche blog can get more traffics with more followers, then can make more money, as I never try it before. Even I try it, and only know the results after few months or years. But, this is true in the blogging world as professional bloggers already prove and share with us in their secrets of blogging books and niche blog sites. Lets think and start a niche blog! Blogging can make money that I wrote before, and just a very basic on it. You need to learn and read more on blogging techniques if you want to generate more income!


Niche Blog! More Followers! More Traffic! More Money!