Monday, October 12, 2009

Facebook Cafe World Tips and Tricks

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I am believe you may like the Facebook Cafe World game if you are playing the Restaurant City for after few months. You can earn coins as tips from your friends in Cafe World which is not same as Restaurant City. I saw most of my friends start play the Cafe World, and I just start try to play it and not bad, is quite fun and has different technique too. Lets share with you what I found, then we can play it together to pass time.


Facebook Cafe World Tips and Tricks:-

  1. This is not same as Restaurant City, so you can’t use the island table design in Cafe World, as they people not clever enough move in your round table. Mean time, you can put your table like class room design first, and once I found a better idea, then will share with you.Cafe World Table
  2. If you are not able to play Cafe World all the time, then you need to check when is your next available time to play, then choose the right dish in your cookbook to match your time based on the ‘Ready in:’.
  3. In order to gain more money, one of the important point is you need to keep on open your Cafe World without close it to ramp your Cafe World rank, so that every customer give you good feedback and attract more customer to your Cafe Restaurant.
  4. If you want to speed up your level, then you need to spend more time to play game and choose the dish with 5 mins or 15 mins one, although you get much coins, but you gain Cafe experience point faster.
  5. You can get reward if you always visit your friends Cafe shop, you will gain extra 5 cafe points and 20 coins. So, in another word is try to invite your friends to play the Cafe World to be your Cafe World neighbor, then if one day you can visit more than 50 friends, the you will increase your Cafe World Level faster to get next level up.Cafe World Reward
  6. You need to expand your Cafe size, so that you can put more tables to serve your Cafe customer to gain more coins, but you need to remember to put your tables near your counters, and counters near the stoves, and try to keep your waiter and chef movement less than 8 steps for better performance.
  7. One important point is before you use your gift to get more coins, lets make sure all your tables full with customers first then only use it, so that you won’t waste your gift for just 1 or 2 customers with less return. If not just keep your gift first, until you expand your Cafe to bigger size.
  8. If you have a lot of money, then you can purchase the dish to cook, then delete it again, and buy then cook again. for example, you can buy pizza for 5 hours using 400 coins, then each time you buy and cook, you can gain at least 21 exp, then you delete it and buy again. Using this method, you can gain a lot of experience within short time to next level.
  9. I did mention use the class room table design is good way to attract more customer, but the first row near your counter can leave middle empty space so that your waiters can pass through it to next row of table. If you want to use the island table design, then don’t close your table with your counter, you can leave both end table a space between your counter and your island table design.


I always say the time management is very important, as I don’t want my friends put too much time to play game without take care other things, especially your family and try not to play it during office office, unless is during lunch time then should be reasonable.

I do write some of the Facebook games tips and tricks, and you can refer to my ‘Games’ category.


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