Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dell Mini Smartphone compete Apple iPhone & Nokia?

 Dell Mini Smartphone vs iPhone and Nokia

Dell recently move very fast to expand their business, outsourcing to contract manufacturers, acquired IT services provider Perot Systems for $3.9 billion, and next may be is to launch Dell Mini Smartphone (using Google Android OS) to United State with AT&T mobile network operator early next year based on Wall Street Journal (WSL) reports. By that time, Dell Mini Smartphone really can compete with major AT&T subscribers Apple iPhone, next Nokia Smartphone still is a BIG question.

Dell acquired Perot System, so that it able to provide the IT solution service which able to compete with HP, and for the mobile phone market is still a huge opportunity as future most of the people will use the Smartphone rather than carry the Computer Laptops or Netbooks. Because, the famous Smartphone already built in the key applications which people use it every day (i.e. email apps, Internet browsers, music and video players, office used applications like word / excel / powerpoint, PDF viewer, and some famous interact portal like Facebook / Twitter / MySpace, world maps, etc), with Camera / Video recorder features, and most important is 3G or Wireless ready and able to access to Internet anytime anywhere. The Smartphone really convenient than Netbooks in future with more storage capacity and hologram readiness in next few years.

I believe Dell start sell Mobile Phone, is same as Nokia start on Computer Netbooks marketing strategy, as Apple already has their market share on both, and especially since Apple launched the iPod then follow by iPhone to become a key leader on this daily used technology device company.

We all can see the recent business trend has change, last few years most of the companies try to invent the new technology by themselves and try to release into market as soon as other competitors to gain the market share. But recent years, those key players already move their focus on the marketing and sales strategies, and outsource the R&D to other companies or merge with well established new technology companies to provide the new services and products to their customers within short period of times.

By next year, if new Dell Smartphone has more features and functionalities compare to Apple iPhone or Nokia Smartphone with good marketing strategies, then may be it can take over 5 to 10 percents of market share within a year in US to become of one of the famous Mobile phone provider.



Dell Mini Smartphone! Enter Mobile Phone World!