Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skype Full Download Offline Installer

Skype Full Download Offline Installer

All this while I am using the MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk to talk to my friends from different countries, and due to certain policy, and some of the country or their office not able to use the MSN, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, so that last few days we seek for another alternative solution, then tested a great tool is Skype. To download the Skype is very easy, and just need to search from Google for Skype download, then you can get it from Skype official website to download the mini installer, but not a full download copy. Most of the office are blocking us to install it using mini installer through the proxy, so we need to use the full copy of Skype Installer.

If you want to distribute for your friends with standalone full version so called offline Skype full installer, then you can refer to below link to download it. During installation or after setup, we can change the display language just using one button (under Tools –> Change Language), example change from English to Chinese, or other language that you preferred. Simple, and easy to use.


Skype Official site mini download installer (for Windows version) link: Skype for Windows 

Skype full download installer (Standalone Offline version) link: Skype Full Installer

*Note: After installed, you can click on ‘Help’ –> ‘Check for Updates’ to download and install the latest Skype version for more features and bug fixed.


When I try to use the Skype to call my friends from China, Taiwan, and US, the quality is fantastic, and just now I installed it in another computer to try it out within the same network. Wow, just same as what we are using the normal phone, and the quality really good.

I will start ask my friends use the Skype now, and it is not only save money if you want to talk to someone who has the Internet access, and even we can buy the Skype credit to call to another normal circuit phone or Mobile phone around the world. We can buy the Skype credit online though Credit Card or PayPal account. It really proved that the VoIP (Voice over IP) is get improve a lot compare to last few years back.

I believe the ISP (Internet Service Provider) already established their service with Mobile Service Providers to reduce the cost using VoIP, and once the International Infrastructure backbone upgraded to 10GB bandwidth across countries, then by that time we can talk to our friends face to face using this type of tool like real time performance through cam.

Skype not only support Windows (including the Windows 7) OS, and we can use it on Mac OS, Linux operating system, and even we can download it into Mobile phone like iPhone, Nokia N8x series, or other type of Windows Mobile based phone. Skype already partnered with a lot of Service Provider to provide a lot of great services, and it really benefit to us. Daily, there are more than million of Skype users are using Skype at the same time, but they still can maintain the quality of the service. Skype, Good Job!



Skype Offline Full Download! Ease for Distribution!