Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many reasons for us to stop Smoking


Malaysia have been increased the price for the cigarette for many times since last two years, the purpose is to reduce the rate of smokers, and put in the control / policy for the advertisement and today we won’t see the cigarette advertisement in most of the media channels.

I have been took the SALEM for many years, and yesterday I have to pay RM9.30 for 1 pack. Today, I am start thinking that is it the right time to stop smoking now. As I read one article many years before, and know that if we stop smoke before age 35 years old, then should not have huge impact to our health. To stop smoking, it really need to put in a lot of effort, as I did try it before and stop smoking for a year in last few years back till I joined one of the IT solution company then start smoking again till now.

Few of my friends did try to stop smoking as well, but after few weeks or months, then they start smoke again, because of friends. This is one of the key show stopper for most of the people, so I am thinking that if I want to stop smoking, then mean that I have to learn how to reject from my friend, but still go out with them, or follow them to smoking area, and even in clubbing time without smoke. Sound like very difficult!

My friend did ask me why am I like to smoke, and usually I did ask myself too, but I don’t have a good reason I need to smoke, but in other side, I am really care my health now, as after certain age, most of the people start look for better health, and save more money. My answer always is I don’t know, then my friend ask to stop since without any reason to smoke, and can save a lot of money a year too. I believe a lot of people has the same answer too, as they can’t find a good reason for the smoking, and how smoke can help them. They are your good friends if they advise you stop smoking!

In Malaysia, almost every box of cigarette printed with various type of cancel pictures to advise people stop to smoke, and I total agree this is a good solution as I am one of the smoker start think about health after look at the picture every time I smoke. At the same time, I believe tourist will have the same concern too, as I got a lot of feedback from our friends that other countries didn’t implement this. It really make them stop buy the cigarette in Malaysia, but some of them will buy from the Airport duty free store before enter to our country.

There are many reasons for us to stop smoking, and it is not only help ourselves and even good for our family health. I won’t say how it benefit us, and we just simply search from Google or Yahoo then will know all of them. The most important thing now is you need to ask yourself why you want to stop smoking, how confidence you can make it and when you want to start? If you don’t have answer now, then never mind and try to ask those questions every morning until you know it, then only you can really stop smoking without any influence from your friends and environment.


Stop Smoking! Better Health! Save Money!