Thursday, July 9, 2009

Click on Top Paying Adsense Keywords

My friend told me to create the high eCPM blog with the top paying adsense keywords, so that we can earn more money when Internet users click on high paying Google Adsense ads. Then I spent sometime and read through many Internet related to top adsense keywords blog and found that is not what we think that easily.


My friend has the right point too, Adsense publishers will try to bid and adjust the keyword PPC (pay-per-click) price higher in order to list in the top page and let people know their advertisement to attract more traffic to their website. In other word, we will get more money for those top paying adsense keywords.


There are many sites has the price for the adsense keywords by search for ‘top paying adsense keywords’. I don’t believe all the adsense keywords sites has update their prices daily and even it is still valid for today adsense market or not. You can see most of the adsense keyword sites copy each other for the keywords, and start confuse you that I want to write all these topics so that my blog’s every page has eCPM, and possible is the high pay eCPM too. I feel that eCPM is more on useful own content rather than write all the keywords topics as your blog or copy each other.


You will ask why is not easy to create top pay adsense keyword blog and lets people click it then earn a lot of money? I tell you, you can write the blog for those top keyword topic, but how many people will search on that topic or even click on it. Example this adsense keyword ‘austin dwi attorney’ has more than $40 PPC.

A log of website will ask us to write the topics on lowest to mid range of adsense keywords, as based on the statistic show that more people click on average range keywords advertisement rather than top keywords. I can suggest that you can use the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find which keyword searched by Internet people usually.


May be I haven’t find the secret of adsense keyword yet, but I will keep going to find the power of adsense is it can make me rich. :)


Top Adsense Keywords! Less People Clicks!