Friday, July 10, 2009

Jolly Shandy Dirty My Blood

Jolly Shandy

Jolly Shandy is one of the great product from Carlsberg.

Jolly Shandy represents refreshment, liveliness and youthfulness.


Jolly Shandy is lemon flavor with Vitamin C. Jolly Shandy Lychee is lychee flavor. Both of them have less than 1% of alcohol content, and pack size is Can 320ml. Jolly Shandy is a beer.


Why my blood test result contain alcohol?

When I got my blood test result last year, then the doctor ask me try to cut down any alcohol drink. I told doctor that I seldom drink beer, not even once a month, and each time I drink less than 3 small bottles beer then will start not feeling well. Doctor ask me try to find out what I have it usually, especially food and drink. I don’t have any answer until I reached home and saw two BIG plastic bag of Jolly Shandy empty Cans. Oh no! Answer is Jolly Shandy!

Jolly Shandy although has less than 1% alcohol content, but may be I took it almost everyday after dinner, then the alcohol start accumulate in my body my blood slowly. I thought the Jolly Shandy contain the Vitamin C which is good for my health, but …


You may ask me still drink Jolly Shandy?

Yes, I am still one of the Jolly Shandy supporter. Every year before Chinese New Year, I will bought a lot of cartons Jolly Shandy during promotions (check the expired date first), so that I can have it for a year. But, I didn’t take it every day now after dinner, and start try control myself at 2 x cans a week for max. Unless I have special events or parties, then is my holiday for Jolly Shandy! Yeah!


You can download the Jolly Shandy wallpapers or screensavers from this link.


Jolly Shandy Cans


Enjoy Jolly Shandy! But Not Everyday!