Saturday, July 11, 2009

Google Chrome OS ready for Netbooks by 2010

Google Chrome

I am so excited to know that Google Chrome team is developing the next generation open source OS (Operating System) called Google Chrome OS for small Netbooks to normal size of Computer Notebooks or Desktop systems, and target to be ready by year 2010. Yeah!

How good is the Google Chrome OS?

I am using the Google Chrome Browser 2 for sometime, and compare to other Internet browsers, the Google Chrome Browser 2 performance is fast and design is simple and user friendly. I think the mission for the Google Chrome OS is quite similar to Google Chrome Browser 2. The key aspects from Google Chrome OS is the speed, simplicity and security.

Speed – Fast to launch the applications and access the Internet web and email within few seconds.

Simplicity – User friendly without too many buttons or icons, and with few clicks or touches (less steps) to perform any functions.

Security – Minimize the attack by computer Viruses, Trojan Horse, Malware. It will reduce the frequency on OS security update to fix the bug (mean OS not stable).

What is the Google Chrome OS platform?

Open Source OS always related to Linux kernel, then Google Chrome OS architecture is planned to run a windowing system on top of Linux kernel. Google Chrome OS will able to support the x86 chipset and even the ARM chips, and Google team will work with multiple OEMs to launch the new Netbooks with Google Chrome OS by year 2010.

What is the company benefits to support the Google Chrome OS?

Based on the 8th July 2009 updated by Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management and Linus Upson, Engineering Director, the existing OEMs or technology companies partners are Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Lenovo, ASUS, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Freescale and Adobe. They are working with Google team to develop and build the Google Chrome OS into their mini Netbooks or normal computer systems with useful applications plug-in to Google Chrome OS. The major benefit to us is the price of the Netbooks will be much cheaper if compare to use the Microsoft Windows as Netbook OS. The benefits for the Google Chrome partners are distributed their technology together with Google Chrome OS to unlimited computer users with lowest cost.

Lets say you see the Netbooks promotions from Dell and Acer with the same hardware specification, but the price is different more than $100 for Operating System with plug-in available user needed features, then I believe more than 70% of people will buy the cheaper Netbooks. By year 2010, who ever ship out the 1st Netbook with Google Chrome OS, then that computer company will be the ONE to gain the first Google Chrome OS market share. Same as the Apple company delivered the new technology like Apple iPod!

Is it possible the Google Chrome OS replace the Microsoft Windows?

This is too early to ask about this question, as million of computer systems are using the Microsoft Windows. One of the important note is people already get used on the Microsoft applications (i.e Microsoft Offices), and most of the famous applications or computer games are designed to run on top of Microsoft Windows. I think the Google Chrome OS may take over more than 10% market share in next 3 years if it is really meet our expectation (Speed, Simplicity, Security) and with next generation of Netbooks trend.

Google Chrome OS! Your Netbook OS!