Wednesday, August 19, 2009

7 Quick Ways to Save BIG Money

There are 7 quick ways to save a lot of money that you know but you may not act on it. You can try to below 7 quick ways and see how much you can save the money for a year.

Lets read below 7 quick ways to help you save BIG money:-

1. If you are clubber averaging two nights a week, then try to cut down to once a week. A night out may cost you up to $100 a night including taxi fare. So you can save $400 a month, then in a year, you will be able to get this saving to buy a return flight ticket to Thailand through Air Asia for a great trip during holiday.

2. If you are always buy gourmet coffee before or after work, then try to get the free coffee in office or get from machine with $0.60. A small cup of cappuccino a day will take you around $10. You can save around $200 a month, and end of year you can buy some new clothes or shoes before new year or Chinese new year.

3. Try to save your mileage and entertainment claims. Instead of cashing your cheque, then you can bank into your savings account. If you can bank in $150 a month, then you will have $1,800 by end of the year.

4. Try to quit smoking. A pack a day will cost you $9 and it will be $270 a month. By end of year, you can save up to $3,240 that you can buy a great computer laptop or computer netbooks for your own used.

5. If you can bring lunch to work or eat at canteen three times a week, and if usually you spend $6 per lunch, then you will save $18 a week. It mean that you will have extra $864 a year for you to pay for your car maintenance or insurances.

6. If you already paid off your car loan, then try to keep bank in the money into your saving account. let say your car loan is $500 a month, then you will have $6,000 in a year in your saving account.

7. You can try to pay yourself 10 percent of your income first when you get your salary. You can use the e-banking service to automate your money into another saving account, so that you won’t touch it, unless you need it for emergency used.


You see the above 7 quick ways to save BIG money is not that difficult, and just depend you want to do it or not. May be some of the people has too many commitments, then you should think is it one or two of 7 quick ways can help you. I believe a lot of people, their saving account is not for saving today, just for ‘parking’ purpose and use all by end of month.

I didn’t mention credit card here as it is not easy for everyone to cut up their credit card, and today the credit card is really convenient for us. Before you sign the credit card, and please think how much you still need to pay to your credit card companies (Visa, Master Card, Amex, etc) first and the interest for credit card is not LOW. :)



Save Money! Save for Emergency Used!