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Facebook Mob Wars Tips and Tricks

Mob Wars Game
Facebook Mob Wars game is the top 5 games in Facebook now with more than 16,500,000 monthly active users, and more than Facebook Pet Society game monthly active users. Even you can play the Mob Wars game in MySpace as well. There are many Mob Wars tips, hints, cheats, tricks, ROI calculators to guide you play and increase your Mob Wars level, money, secrets and get the limited weapons or items.

Mob Wars game is not only for guys to play, even girls like to also join on this game as compare to Sorority Life game, the Mob Wars game has some other features that Sorority Life game doesn’t have. Example like city allow you to have many properties and buildings to run many business at the same time to get more money, but in Sorority Life game only allow you have 1 job.

The Mob Wars game tips and tricks here to share with you on how to make you feel fun and enjoy this game, especially you are new and won’t spend your money in wrong investment, or used out your skill points in wrong places and then slowly down your level, experience and profit.
Click and play Mob Wars game in Facebook (link) and MySpace (link).

Lets understand the Mob Wars info first:-
Mob Wars boss style or mobsters:

  • Bulletproof – For fighting purpose, your health and stamina recover faster that other boss style or mobsters.
  • Tycoon – For business purpose, for you to collect payment more frequent than other boss style or mobsters.
  • Insomniac – For jobs purpose, your energy recover faster than other boss style or mobsters.
Mob Wars attribute:-
  • Attack Strength – To increase more chances for you win when you fight with other mobs.
  • Defense Strength – To reduce the hits against from other mobs
  • Max Energy – To increase more opportunity for you to do jobs
  • Max Health – To allow you fight with other mobs without always back to hospital
  • Max Stamina – To increase the number of times for you to fight with other mobs, but you need to use 2 skill points for 1 level up.

Some Facebook Mob Wars game Tips and Tricks:-

1. If you are new to this Mob Wars game, then propose you don’t spend too much skill points to upgrade your stamina, as you need more energy to do the jobs in order to get more experiences and money to buy the new and expensive weapons, armor, vehicles in order to do next level jobs.

2. You can just add skill points to your energy, then you can increase your level from 1 to level 11 within 15 minutes through do the new jobs and get some special items.

3. You need to buy the empty lot and restaurant or hotel or casino in pair, but don’t buy 1 by 1, keep your money and buy in bulk at one time (example buy 10 empty lots + 10 restaurants). You will see the different and spend less earn more money by doing this. You only get half of the price if you sell your property in Mob Wars game.

4. When you get certain level, example more than level 50, then you start feel lake of mob friends, and you need bigger mobs in order to increase your experience and money. You will get more difficulty to jump to next Mob Wars levels, so what you need to do is join other Mob Wars groups in Facebook or MySpace. But, you need to set your Facebook or MySpace personal setting first, if you don’t want other unknown people to see your info. Or, you can create another Facebook or MySpace account and just used to play the Facebook or MySpace online games without publish your personal info or your’s in-network friends messages / activities.

5. Only keep the best weapons, armor, vehicles in total number of items to match the number of your mobs, so that it will be more effective when you fight with other mobs. But it is depend on your jobs as well, and choose the right jobs that give you more money, experience and special items and match back your weapons, vehicles or armors as well.

6. If you are able to find someone has the casino, then equip your mobs with best items then go and fight it. You may able to gain $70,000 if you won, and keep track his or her name and link for next time to use and fight again. You can right click his/her name then copy down the link (example:, then after you login to Mob Wars page, then you just paste the link, then you can see 'attack' word, then click on it. Especially those ‘online now’ player, then you can attack them continuously if they heal their boss in hospital time to time.

7. You can gain a lot of money from Mob Wars hitlist, and you won’t lose anything if you die, as once your bounty is posted, the user will be publicly listed for attack by any mobster.

8. You can go to Godfather to use your Mob Wars favor points to exchange the cash, mob members (hired guns), full energy, full health, full stamina, properties, special items. You can use your real money (to support the Mob Wars developers) to buy the Mob Wars favor points or join the programs in Godfather link.

9. You can copy and paste this url after you login into your Mob Wars game and send the gifts to your friends.

10. You only start get more mob members after you reach level 25 and above, as you need to keep the money to equip them, and try to add around 5~10 new mob members for every level after level 25.

11. If you are getting more difficult to get more friends to join your mob, then you can keep your Godfather favor points first. So that you can always check from ‘Home’ to look for new items with additional 1 mob in order to buy it, then you can use the 10 favor points to get additional 2 mob members from Godfather offer.

12. Try to ask your friends always send you the ‘Milkor Grenade Launcher’ (to buy RAH-66 Commanche) and XM25 (to buy FIM-92 Stinger) to make your mob stronger and even you can fight with those mod size double than your one.

13. Always check your existing Level exp (remain how many exp to next level), and compare to your ‘Energy’, so that you won’t waste your Energy to do the jobs. As after increase to next level, Mob Wars game will change your Energy to full energy points. You can go and do any jobs (x1, x5 or x10) first before upgrade to next levels.

14. You can try to do the jobs to get more cards, so that you can trade more ‘skill boost’ or better weapons later, if you are not care about your cash to buy more buildings. Do the same job until you get to the next level.

15. There has a special weapon (Prototype TP9) and armor (Prototype Exoskeleton) if you help your friend on the new heists request, it is the same for you. You just need to recruit the heists and publish to Facebook wall, then you can ask your friend to help you click on it.

I just follow above methods and able to increase my Mob Wars level more than 110 levels in 30 days, and I am NOT spend whole day or everyday to play the Mob Wars game.

Mob Wars Level
Try arrange your own time and don’t put all your time to play the Mob Wars game, as you have your own normal life. Time management is very important, as you won’t get anything even you are king of Mob Wars in the game.

If you need to speed up your Mob Wars game performance, then you need a stable/fast Internet speed line and fast Internet browser to play the free Internet online computer game. You can get those info from below two links:
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